2000 Miles and a mini Hoppity

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There are 378 members.
NameDistanceTime ▼
perchcreek3686 km16d 10hr
tgoutzie4723.8 km15d 21hr
flatfooter4383.2 km15d 5hr
arlahile1939.2 km14d 18hr
TeaOlive2395.1 km14d 15hr
schneidr5235.8 km14d 15hr
Scully4862.7 km14d 4hr
elodie.kaye2992.6 km13d 20hr
Roth Runner4132.2 km13d 16hr
EatDrinkRunWoman2060.6 km13d 4hr
Stacher3371.4 km13d 1hr
fatozzig1918.4 km12d 19hr
UncleCranky3580.8 km12d 6hr
jedigunnie26.23266.3 km12d 6hr
runnerclay2007.3 km12d 6hr
ap43091 km12d 1hr
Don S3574.4 km11d 24hr
bhearn2865.3 km11d 20hr
beaulieume3206.5 km11d 20hr
wildchild2508 km11d 14hr
DaveP MI2893.4 km11d 4hr
dnephin2578.6 km11d 3hr
corland3023.8 km11d
LedLincoln2676 km10d 24hr
Ojo2428.5 km10d 21hr
BadDawg3334.7 km10d 19hr
FSBD3120.8 km10d 15hr
mikeymike 3254.3 km10d 13hr