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Smuttynose Marathon (Read 211 times)

    Goal today was to break 4hrs after getting my ass handed to me in Boston 5 months ago.  Didn't just make it but  with a little more training it will come.  4:03:10 for todays marathon.  Knocked 52 mins off.

      oh so close to your goal time - and 52 minutes off your Boston time? You must be verrrry pleased with that. Great job!

      Use your momentum...keep going.  You know you can make it.

        was on pace to beat the 4hrs running an average of an 8:50pace thru 21 but died off.  Back to the drawing boards.

          Hey! a 52 minute PR is awesome. Congrats! Have you decided when the next goal race is?



          Nature is unable to make a really first-class job of anything if she is hustled...

          Halifax Bluenose 10K May 2015 - 64:05

          Halifax Navy 5K August 2015

          Annapolis Valley, NS HM October 2015


            Really considering the Baystate Marathon in 2 weeks Oct 16.  I want that sub 4:00