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    Very frustrating 5K race.  Thought it would be cool to run a race that a)was at night; b)was on the route of our annual Christmas parade.  Not so much.  Got stuck in traffic and got to the race about 20 minutes before the start.  Jogging to get my bib I discovered that the muscle I thought I tweaked on Wednesday was seriously pulled (despite no pain Thursday or Friday).  Didn't have time to get really warmed up. Got to the starting line farther back then I realized so I had to fight through groups of walking elves and reindeer from the get go. About a mile in a woman in a stroller crossed the course in front of me forcing me to come to a complete stop. I couldn't see my watch in the dark to see my pace and heart rate and between the cold and my sore leg I couldn't really gauge my effort.  So, despite plans to knock 30 or so seconds off my PR I missed it by two seconds.  I blame the stroller (because that's easier than admitting I took it too easy the third mile).



    Okay, venting over.  It was cool to run at night, to run downtown and to run a 5K with crowd support.  And my running buddy got second in his age group so that was awesome.  Off to ice my leg.

    New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

    Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

    Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013

      Yesterday a 4K doggie run in the pouring rain. First run after starting on the anti-inflammatories. Top of foot is feeling much better.


      This morning another 4K doggie run. Bit of a drizzle;.


      Got a 10K race in 90 min. Not sure yet if I want to go. My colleague bailed on me last week. And it's raining hard right now. Plus along the dike they've forecasted winds over 30 miles/h, sigh. I hate wind  I have another 50 min. to decide before I have to leave.



      I did race today. It stopped raining and I hopped in the car before I could change my mind.

      As this was supposed to be a race for fun I first found a nice comfortable pace. However, the runner in front of me was slower, so I passed him. And the runner after that and so on and so on, till after about 2 kilometers I found myself out of my comfort zone keeping up with a runner that I used as my pacer for the remainder of the race. What the f**** was I doing? But even when we were on the dike with the wind coming of the lake and it got really hard, I kept up. I wasn't gonna fall back. I wasn't gonna be passed by any other runner. No way. As it turned out, my pacer ran her best race cause she constantly could hear my feet hitting the asphalt, my bib flapping in the wind and on occasion, my breathing cause I was sooo close LOL. I'll admit though, there was a point on the dike with about 3 kilometers left to go where I was screaming in my head "get me off this dike!".
      I didn't PR, but my finish time is pretty good.... for me 1:02:34 unofficially as yet. And I feel really good cause I did go and I did race

      I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

      Run the day, or the day runs you.

      Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

        Excellent, Dutchie!! You did GREAT! I proud of you for getting out there and going for it.

        I hope I do as well on the 19th when I've signed up for our local 10K Reindeer Run.

        Use your momentum...keep going.  You know you can make it.

        May 2015 training target:  3-day Rogue River Trail Running Vacation in Oregon!


          Great race report Dutchie and a great effort!

          New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

          Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

          Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013