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Pfitz vs Hanson vs vs Lydiard vs Daniels vs Canova (Read 340 times)

    Willamona, I remember reading (Pfitzinger?  McMillan?) that a goal of some of the workouts was to fatigue various "twitch" fibers and press other, less-recruited fibers into service.  Without doing crazy 95% 100m repeats in bulk, you can still bring those fibers into play and perhaps also get them to work slightly less anaerobically (so the article went).


    Personally, this past marathon cycle, I found MP to not feel "fast" after I settle into it, nor do those workouts seem to hit me extra-hard or demand extra recovery time.  YMMV, of course.

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      I also remember reading (perhaps in Running Times?) an article on Canova or some other coach-of-elites, who espoused that marathoners should have a good dose of MP work in their training cycles.  Not to the exclusion of any other type of training, but the sample stuff they presented was much more heavily skewed toward MP pace work than that I see in Higdon, McMillan, Pfitz, et al.

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        Actually Pfitzinger has you going over 10 at MP, but Hansons don't. They just have MP runs every week; Pfitzinger only has 4 total.


        willamona - Thankfully bhearn posted the specifics, I was going to have to find this out before responding intelligently.


        You are right, running 10+ miles at MP during peak training is NOT an easy workout and should be done with caution.  Which is why Hansons probably break it up for their non-elite plans.....do shorter segments more often, vs saving it up for just a few big, strenuous workout.


        Personally I like this approach and would rather do the MP as shorter/less demanding sections, and save the demanding workouts for faster-paced tempo work.


        I did 15 miles at MP during full training load once.  It was a huge mistake I don't plan to repeat.  

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          Pfitzinger's longest MP run in most plans is 12, during a 17-mile long run. I tend to do those by running a half marathon, with warm up and cool down. Then it's like an easy race instead of a hard workout.