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Will Crew for Beer

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      Sorry about the sore butt, WhoDat.  And congratulations on the awesome tree, Ilene!



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        @AP: camaraderie is always a bonus.


        @WDR and C-R: ouch and near-ouch!  Icy roads suck.


        @Ilene: how big a tree? Full-size, desktop, table-topper, charm-bracelet?

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          WTG Clive. Another PR.


          and who would have knows Illene was so anti-shoe.


          The ice was scattered and there was still plenty of asphalt. The pain of wearing those wouldn't have been worth it.

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            Wow, good running and racing this weekend.  Congrats on the PR, CliveF.


            I really thought I was sandbagging in a big way with a goal of <60:00 on the 10K/5K double.   I'd never run something like this and it was tougher than I imagined especially in the conditions we had.  I struggled to run a combined time of 59:38 so not so much of a sandbag!


            Ran the 10K at 7:30AM with light rain and gusting winds on what would normally be a fast course.  I just wasn't able to groove into it and ran 39:17.  It wasn't like I was just running just a hard effort either, I was racing.  Once the 10K finished I had about an hour until the start of the 5K at 9:30AM.  I tried to stay loose by alternating jogging around and going back into the gym to warm up.  I made a final mistake of going to my car for a dry shirt and sitting down for 15 minutes.  When I got out of the car I could barely put one leg in front of the other.  Creaked over to the starting line and, honestly, felt a little better and looser.  Wind and rain picked up a good bit during the 5K and I ended up struggling home in 20:22.  Nothing hurt and I was trying my best I just couldn't go any faster.  I can't really blame it on the conditions, I'm just off my game right now but I guess I'm OK with that.  The year's coming to a close and it's time to recharge anyway.


            BTW - that looks like that's it on the schedule, if I didn't get your time right on the chart lemme know.

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              Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet


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                Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet





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                Feeling the growl again

                  Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet


                  I've won a turkey at a Thanksgiving race but this is a new one on me.  I guess if you're going to win an award at that race, you'd better pre-plan to transport your award...

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