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ATC fathers day race (Read 281 times)

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    *Atlanta Men's 4M, SATURDAY, 8 a.m. Grant Park. For fathers and their children (all men welcome). Race day registration only. Low-key, no T-Shirt event. ATC members free; non-members $10. Contact (404) 231-9064 or (GP)



    I am volunteering not running. Tough course. 4 miler.

    Run until the trail runs out.

    2014***1500 miles 09/28/14

    50miler 13:26:18

    Race Less Train More

     Pistol 100 ----01/03/15

    Ana Trason  "Living Her Life"

    "The Marble in The Groove"


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      I greatly debated doing this race.  But finally decided I needed to run a 12 to 13 mile long run instead this morning.  I did 12.75 very warm and humid miles.
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