Beginners and Beyond

This group is open to all runners, beginners and veterans alike.   We talk all things running like nutrition, injury prevention, and training/pacing strategies for all race distances. 


We also talk non-running related things like best candy, hottest actor/actress, and worst TV show.   So if you're serious about running, but not so serious about everything else, drop in and check us out. 



The threads, they is always greener,

In somebody else's lake.

You dream about going out there,

But that is a big mistake.


Just look at the topics around you,

Right here at the B&B.

Such wonderful fins surround you.

Where else could you wish to be?


The B&B

The B&B
Darling it's better

No matter the weather

Take it from me!


In L&O they troll all day

At RWOL they spam away

While we devotin

Full time to oceans-

That's B&B!


Down here all the posters happy

Along through the dailies we stroll

At them other boards they ain't happy

Cause they have to feed the troll!


But the posters in RWOL, they lucky

They in for a worser fate

One day when the spammers come back

Real threads be all obfuscated- uh oh!


The B&B

The B&B

Nobody spam us

Or come here and ban us



The other runners come and look,

They see that B&B is off the hook!

We got no troubles!

Life is just bubbles!

Go, B&B!


The B&B

Since life is sweet here

We move our feet here



Even the Docket and the Jay

They get the urge and start to play

We got the spirit!

You got to hear it!
The B&B!


The Baboon plays the tune

All the Daves run and wave

LRB makes coffee,

A K-cup or three!

Jack just got back

FreeSoul's on a stroll

And Scotty is the duke of dogs!



SheCan's got a plan,

And hog's got a dog

You know Kristin's gonna race

No matter rain, sleet, or fog!


You know that LovetheHalf

Really knows where it's at

And go, wcrunner, go!


The B&B

The B&B

When the care bears

Are everywheres

That's just fine with me!


What do they got?

A lot of blokes?

We've got the best crustacean jokes!


An with every one here

We know how to pun here

The B&B!


We have our fun here

Sometimes we run here

The B&B!


Each little guy here

Knows how to fly here

That's why it's funner

Waiting for summer

In the B&B!


Ya we in luck here

Down in the muck here

The B&B!