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Shamrock 2013 (Read 535 times)


    Based on Facebook posts it looks like Shamrock (Virginia Beach, VA) is going to be well represented by BF members. They put on a great race with awesome bling and a superb post-race party. Hope to meet many of you there.


    Starting a roll call for a potential epic FE.


    Brian Albin (half marathon)

    Susan,Queen of the Crocs

      See you there, Brian.  Looking forward to it!


      Jess runs for bacon

        I'm registered for the half, but planning to upgrade to the full, as long as training goes well.


        Has anyone who's been there before give the lowdown on the hotel sitch? I know the closest to the start is already sold out. I'm concerned I need to book one ASAP (which is going to hurt, since I still have a flight and hotel to get for Disney in Feb). I have family in Norfolk, but I really don't want to subject them to all of the ridiculousness that occurs prerace.


          I'm in, already registered for the half.  Looking forward to meeting some folks. Smile



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          Susan,Queen of the Crocs

            Lilac, I *attempted* to book a hotel halfway between the start and finish for the Half and ended up at Royal Clipper Inn. I have no idea what the layout/distance between streets is down there.  Crossing my fingers that it's a decent place to stay.  The price was right through Travelocity, and I didn't have to prepay.  Someone had suggested the HIlton at the finish, but it was already full by the time I tried to book.


            Hi to Dave.


            I'm Susan, by the way.  Nice to "meet" you both. 

            Vegan Ang

            Formerly sdnyc99

              Hi Brian. Hi Susan. Hi lilac. Hi Dave. I'll be there! Running the full. I still need to figure out a hotel too. Any ideas on how fast decently-located hotels fill up? Or am I already too late?






              Jess runs for bacon

                Looks like the Wyndham is still open, I'm going to try and book it today if I don't have to pay up front.



                Susan,Queen of the Crocs

                  I think someone (Brian?) mentioned on FB that the hotels fill up pretty fast.  The sooner you book, the better.  I looked at both Travelocity and Expedia.  Travelocity had better deals last week. 


                  Jess runs for bacon

                    Ugh, I'm having a hard time pulling a trigger on a hotel. First, I still have to book a hotel and flight for my trip to Disney in Feb. and I'm already broke going into that. Second, I could just stay with family and save money. But I really prefer staying in a hotel. But I really don't want to spend $500 for a weekend. There's a Holiday Inn 10 miles away for $89 a night that is providing free shuttle service for runners too. ACK DECISIONS!




                    Jess runs for bacon

                      Ok I'm going with the Sheraton, it's four blocks from the start and I don't have to prepay (yay!). I'm planning on staying Sat-sun, I really don't want to drive 6 hours the same day I ran a marathon. I may come up Friday but if I do I'll crash with family. This one seems like a good choice. Comfy rooms, free wifi and very close to the start.




                        Last year I was way to cheap (aka broke) to pay for one of the nicer hotels near the start.  I ended up staying at the Days Inn. It was still on the main drag but about a mile walk from the start.  It was only like 40$ a night. It was clean, free wifi, good free parking,  and the staff was really nice. Also having a coffee cafe next door is always a plus for me.  They had no issues with me staying past check out so that I could take a shower before the long drive back to D.C.


                        I didn't mind the walk at all.  I did the dolphin challenge and even after I was done with the half, it was a nice walk back to the hotel as I got the pass by the part where the marathoners were coming off the boardwalk back onto the road.  I got to cheer them on for a few minutes.

                        Trail Monster

                          I'm registered for the full! DH is as well. We'll be staying with friends.

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                            I'm running the half. Still haven't signed up yet. I live in Virginia Beach. If accommodations fill up at the ocean front check the hotels in Chesapeake. They are in decent areas and close to the interstate. Crossways Blvd is the address for the ones I am referring to. They are about a twenty minute drive from the oceanfront. 


                            Jess runs for bacon

                              UPSucks, I recommend registering as soon as you can, last I heard the half is projected to sell out mid December.


                              Anyone up for an FE? I'm not sure where a good place to go gobble up some food so if you have any recs please let us know!




                                Hi Susan and Angela. Smile


                                I'm local, in Chesapeake, but unfortunately have no recommendations for an FE, but I'm definitely down for one.



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