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Let's just give the Wimbledon Title 2013 to Serena now and be done. (Read 121 times)


The c word is repulsive

    However the men have had some upsets, which is great. Tennis seems to be a sport where individuals dominate for a long time, so a bit of upset is good viewing.


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      Ya, it's only round of 16.  There may be hope for someone else yet.  Serena can self destruct as well as any guy.......errr......girl.  Wink




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        I agree.  There have been upsets on the men's and women's sides this year.  I wouldn't bet on any one individual this year.


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          I agree.  But she looks great so far.

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            I was hoping for the rise of Madison Keys this time, but there's still Sloan to root for.  I'd like to see anyone but Serena win, nothing against her but she's had enough glory.








            The c word is repulsive

              I think Serena is a dead cert, she has a really good mental as well as physical game. The break in Wimbledon today has allowed me to fill my screen with Diamond League Athletics. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing!

                I haven't been following this, but there is no point now that Ana was upset a few days ago.



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                      Called it!


                        What a match!  That was awesome to watch.







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                          So much for predictions. So age is catching up to Serena at 31?!

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                          The c word is repulsive

                            Damn, our British lady who was destined to get nowhere fulfilled her destiny.


                              Wrong again

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