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Christmas gatherings bring ironic comments (Read 907 times)


Go figure

    When I run roads about the most detail I go into will be that there was a close call or 2 regarding cars. Maybe I will mention about some new construction, people I saw, but that's it. I don't need to hear detail about how great running outdoors is, and that I need to be out there more often like they are trying to convert me. I have run trails twice, and looked out for roots the whole time.



    . Trail folks do seem awfully eager to convert road runners. I have a fast running partner that seems convinced the best way for me to meet my marathon goal is to run nothing but trails. I'm sure it would work, but I DON'T WANT TO!!! It's like what was already said, I see less on a trail run than I do on a regular one because my head is always down on the trail.

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