Beginners and Beyond


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More cowbell!

    Congrats Jimmy!  Looking great!  I envy you being able to share a run with your DW.  Mine has had 5 knee surgeries, so we get to go cycling together, but it's not quite the same.


    "That getting in shape is a progression that can take months or even years is a very difficult thing to overcome."


    So true...especially in our ADD society.  I know that I plateaued in speed for quite awhile, so progress in my case was tackling different challenges, be it on the bike, or on a trail, and really learning what toughness and discipline was buried inside of me.  Keep it fun...and keep sending those RR's!



    Running Realtor

      Oh, Boy...this isn't you being an attention whore.  This is you taking control and kicking some ass while doing so!


      You have worked hard and it is paying off!


      more miles = more beer