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OKC Turkey Tracks RR- My first sub-30!! (Read 192 times)


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    A couple of weeks ago my mom and I decided to sign up for this race and earn some bonus calories for Thanksgiving Day. Plus, it came with a participation medal, which I think is hilarious for a 5k. Anyway, the race was just outside the OKC bombing memorial with the course in a loop around downtown and through some really pretty neighborhoods. It was windy and I am sure lied because it definitely didn't feel like 63 degrees out there. I learned my lesson from the half marathon when I was dressed too warm and I dressed in a tank top and running skirt. I was really, really cold initially, but was comfortable once I started my warm-up. Some folks were wearing turkey hats and a couple of guys were pretty much naked except for loin cloths with turkeys on them. Hopefully the wind didn't blow the wrong way. Wink


    Knowing that there were likely to be a lot of walkers in the field, I said goodbye to my mom and lined up pretty close to the front so I would have a better chance of not getting stuck behind one. Someone needed to wear some deodorant because they were absolutely foul-smelling. I remember there was this thread on RWOL about folks not using deodorant and stuff before races. I understand that you're just gonna get sweaty anyway, but man...have some consideration for other people who have to smell YOU plus 1400 other funky smelling mofos lined up at the start.


    I was just gonna jog this initially, but decided the day before that it was worth PRing since I figured it wouldn't take TOO much effort given that my old PR of 31:01 was really soft. However, I wasn't sure how hard I would be able to push since I had run a half marathon four days ago. I planned to go out at a pace of 9:35 and hold it because that would yield a sub-30 PR while still being somewhat conservative.


    Mile 1 -  9:12 - oops...a bit faster than planned, but still felt doable. I decided to try to stay at this pace.


    Mile 2 - 9:10 - getting tougher, but still felt doable


    Mile 3 - 9:48 - there was an unexpected hill and I was running straight into a pretty strong headwind. Those two things combined sapped the strength in my already worn out legs. I just couldn't make them turn over any faster with that wind.


    The last .1 - 59 seconds


    Total time: 29:10


    This 29:10 still isn't that great, but it put me in the top 25% of all females and within my AG. I'm still pretty much mediocre, but improving consistently. I can't ask for much more than that. I'm looking forward to my next 5k on December 8th. By then I will have fresh legs and I hope to go sub-28.


      I'm still hoping for a sub 30, so congrats!


        Improving consistently is great, whether you are where you want to be or not you are at least on the right path.  Congrats on getting under 30:00!  That is a big milestone!

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          Congrats on the new PR, Flippy!



            Congrats on the sub-30! Also, since you brought it up, I'm obsessed with those turkey hats. I really want to get one for next years Turkey Trot =]

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              Congrats, Flippy! I am jealous - really want to go sub 30 in a 5K. Maybe someday.  

              Not if it makes sense.


                Congrats! One day, maybe I'll get a sub-30. Nice job!

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                  I knew you were going to break 30 minutes.  Congratulations!

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                    Nice job!


                    your deodorant commentary made me laugh!  I completely understand and agree!

                    Having fun running.  No pace goals, no race goals, no schedule, just doing it. 



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                      Congrats on your sub 30.  Thats great!  I sooooo want a sub 30.  Im about 2 minutes away though.  Good luck on your new sub 28 goal.  


                      Totally agree with you on the deodorant!  Seriously people!






                        Uh huh..



                        Way to nail it!


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                          Congrats, Flippy! Way to break 30!



                            I can't believe you PRd two races w/in a week!  Who does that?!?!?!  Don't say it's not: 29:10 is an AWESOME time!!  You ranked in the top 25% of all women and you just started running in March??!?!!?  Umm, yeah, you are speedy, my dear!  What a way to finish up 2012. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.  Way to go, girly!!!!


                              Congrats on the new PR!   With doing that HM just days earlier, getting any PR is something to be proud of.  


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                                Great job Flippy! What does the medal look like? That's a little much for a 5k but I love bling, so I'd take it Tongue