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Dammit! I think I may have a metatarsal stress fracture. (Read 114 times)

    Last Sunday, I went on a 19 mile long run.  I had a bit of pain on the outside of my left foot but nothing bad.  On Monday, I ran 7 miles and the pain got worse as I ran.  I stopped and didn't run for a week.  Yesterday, I ran 4 miles and today I ran 4.5 miles and I damn near can't walk.  There is little to no pain on the outside of my foot when I press on it but there is a good bit of pain when I press down on the top of the foot at my fourth metatarsal.  I can flex the foot all I want.  No pain.  But even walking brings on "tears to the eyes" pain at times.  I can stomp as hard as I want pain free but if I lean forward and place some stress on that foot, it hurts like nobody's business.


    When I had this pain last Tuesday, I went to a place called Med Express.  They took an x-ray which came up negative but stress fractures typically don't show until after they heal.  I have an appointment next Tuesday with my ortho.  This is just frustrating as hell.


    My speed training had gone really well this winter and I could feel the speed I had developed.  I had just finished my speed development and was looking forward to developing my stamina.  Now, that appears to be on hold.  Dammit, dammit, dammit.

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      If that's what it is, how long does it take before it heals? A few weeks? Does the foot need to be put in a cast? Could it be an inflammation, instead of a fracture? I'm not sure the ortho will be of any help, but I wish you good luck!

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        I had some similar pains in the exact area you described, I was just getting over PF, so I thought it was related to that. Mine finally went away after a few weeks.

        I hope you figure it out soon.

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          No insight to offer, but I'll say a few dammits for you.



            If you stop stomping it you will stop fracturing bones. 


            Seriously, why does it have to be a fracture?  How did the folks at Med Express rule out a strained or torn ligament?  Have you given it the requisite Ibuprofen blast?

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              No insight to offer, but I'll say a few dammits for you.




              It was a year ago this coming April 1st that I woke up on Monday morning after a hard weekend of racing and a long run, and discovered I had a tibial stress fracture. It happens . . . 


                Oh rats.   I hope it proves to be fast healing, whatever it is.  Why is it that our will to train always seems to outstrip what our bodies will allow?

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                  Welcome to the misery thread.......





                  I can't seem to shake one thing or another for the last 5 months now.  I woke up this morning w/ a hip/back thing (I think it's related to the hip issues from the last month) and have NO IDEA what I did.  Slept wrong??  I dunno.


                  Anywho.......I know we ain't gettin' better w/ age so I won't blow smoke up your ass w/ cliches. 


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                    Unfortunately if sounds like your diagnosis may be correct. Hope your ortho has better news for you.

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                      (((LTH's stinky foot)))  sorry!


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                        Damn, sorry to hear that, LtH. I hope the news from the ortho is better than what you hope. While I can't say I have had pain like what you described, I have been battling PF for some months now and recently the Achilles on my other leg has decided to give me trouble when I run more that nine or ten miles. Annoying is an understatement. Good luck on Tuesday.

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                          That sucks. I had something like that last winter. That could be stress fracture as worst case, but could be a stress reaction, or only sprained ligament. Mine was never properly diagnosed but I took about 2 weeks completely off & it ended up being OK. So I assumed just a sprain. Certainly hard to tell right now, as you say Sfx does not show up on X-ray till later.



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                            Well shit, I hate that for you. I hope you get it figured out and heal up soon. And....DAMMIT!


                              Sorry to hear this Brad. Sad Sad It sounds like you may be right with your diagnosis. The good news is that despite having to be on the bench, time does go by quickly and you know that you won't lose much fitness. A friend of mine just got over that, had to wear a boot for a few weeks, and is now up to running 16 mile long runs. You may know her. 

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                                Ugh.  Can you bike (stationary or mobile) to maintain some fitness, at least?

                                Sorry to hear about it, hope you heal up quickly.