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2014 March Racing Thread (Read 56 times)


    3/22 - Luck of the Irish 5k. Goal PR (sub-21:32).  This is the last 5k of my winter series and then I am taking a break from them!


    21:26. Blah. I really wanted to run under 21. Windy and hilly and it wasn't happening.


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      Michelob Ultra 13.1 NYC:  1:54:51

      Ice Scraper 5K #4:  27:16

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        All results are posted.  daisymae, I don't have that race on this list.  When was the Ice Scraper's race?  I'll add it.

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          3/29 Ladies First 5K

          PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:20:16 (4/13/14)


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            3/16 Dtothe2nd - Shamrock Marathon - Goal: BQ (3:15)


            Forgot to update with my results. Nailed it with a 3:14:07! Smile



            2014 Goals | sub-19 5k done! | sub-40 10k | sub-1:25 HM | BQ done! | sub-3 M


              03/29 PADRunner - Get Fit 5K 33:43


              Super B****

                NYRR 15K Spring Meltdown -- 1:19:32