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FRIDAILIES: What Happens When the Golden Goose Is on the Loose (Read 67 times)

    Gustav, excellent workouts yesterday. And how thoughtful of your wife! It's nice to read that you're welling better and easing back into running.


    Damaris, at least it's done.


    Rick, it may be an uphill battle, but there WILL be excellent food at the end of the route.



      3 sets of 30 reps each w/ green band:


      Side lying lateral leg raises

      Standing lateral leg swings

      Lying hip abduction/adduction (flat on back)

      Walking side lunges

      Standing side lunges


      50 reps of single leg squats, then I stretched my tootie.


      Clarity: I've found it.


        Happy Friday, Runners!!


        Is everyone ready for the weekend?  I know I am!!


        Basya – Nice run this morning!  Have a wonderful day!!


        LRB – I hope that your adductors and abductors appreciate all that you’re doing for them!


        Kay – Enjoy the elliptical at lunch!   Hope your foot is doing better!


        Gustav – Mmmm…..  chocolate chip cookies!!    Your DW rocks!!   May your run make you feel like the king of the world today!!


        Damaris – Way to get in that early morning run!    Hope the rest of your day goes well!!


        ImNotScott – Sounds like your training is going really well.   Have a great run at lunch!!


        April – French toast sounds Pinktabulous!!   Now, I want some…..    Enjoy your run later!


        Flarunner – Wow!   Those temperatures sound pretty cold for you.  Did you wear a parka on your run this morning?


        Robert – I hope you feel better and totally kill it in your race tomorrow!!


        Beth – Have a safe trip today!   Your workout yesterday was impressive!   What you’ve told us about your secret sounds very exciting, and I’m dying to know more!!


        Phil – Good luck with your presentation later this morning!   Sorry to hear that your knee didn’t like the TM last night – I know you really would like to run.   Hoping for the best news possible from your MRI!   Fingers crossed.


        Shari – Enjoy reading with your DS’s class this morning!   May your long run go smoothly and effortlessly!


        It’s SRD for me today.    My DH and I have dinner with my MIL on Friday evenings so, with travel time and eating a heavier than usual dinner, there’s no running for me.


        Y’all are doing some excellent working out / running these days – keep up the great work!!   May your next run be totally Pinksational!!


        - Sarah

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


          Morning, all... sounds like some good workouts so far.


          Got my 4 miles in pretty late last night. Today it's more schedule shifting as I'm going to move my 6 mile progression run to tomorrow so I can take the kiddos to the local garbage pile covered with man made snow that we Michiganders call a ski hill.  Probably should test the ski legs once before I head to Utah, I figure.

          Upcoming races: Detroit Free Press HM 10/19

          delicate flower

            Baboon - Sorry to hear that.


            Thanks...not a big deal though.  I really didn't expect much but wanted to try.  Still a good cardio session on the elliptical.

            proud sherpa

            Brock Landers

              8.1 easy this morning


              Chilly out there today.


              Jess runs for bacon

                Scrape, I gotta say I'm proud of you, you've been doing great with your dailies resolution Smile


                Hoping to do an easy 3 on the TM tonight.




                BQ in 2013

                  Morning! Easy 6.2m for me and boy was it really windy this am. Finish run with some strides. Legs feeling good today though. great running all!

                  PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:47:47 (2012)


                  2013 Goals - 3000 miles (940m May'13) | sub20 5k | sub 43 10K  | sub1:35 13.1 | sub 3:15 26.2



                  Saginaw 5k - 1/19/13 - 20:15 PR

                  Chambersburg Half Marathon - 3/9/13 - 1:36:22 PR

                  Frederick Half Marathon - 5/5/13 - 1:34:40 PR


                  Up Next:

                  Shippensburg Fair 5k - 7/27/13

                  RnR Philadelphia Half Marathon - 9/15/13

                  Philadelphia Marathon - 11/17/13


                    Basaya, it's feeling okay.  I have my follow up with the ortho on Tuesday.  I'm going to try running on it this weekend, just so I have something (either pos or neg) to report to him.


                    Gustav, thank you.  That's just the kind of thing I need to hear (read?) because I really feel like I've been slacking.  Of course, we're hardest on ourselves, so sometimes a comment from someone else can put things in perspective.


                    Pink, thanks. We'll see what happens Tuesday. Smile

                    Do you even run?


                      Scrape, I gotta say I'm proud of you, you've been doing great with your dailies resolution Smile


                      Hoping to do an easy 3 on the TM tonight.



                      Do you even run?

                      Bad Ass

                        I needed an extra shot for Starbucks to function today.  4 hours of sleep last night....


                        +3.  Can you make it a year resolution, scrape (instead of the month of January)?  We like you to stay.




                        Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


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                        Barking Mad To Run

                          I ran at Randolph Air Force Base yesterday.  Weather was beautiful, sunny, blue skies, 64 degrees. Did a very easy 3.2 miles.  I ran Tues, Wed, and Thursday, and did weight training after my run on Wednesday, so today is a rest day for me after 3 days in a row, and then I have a 5K tomorrow morning, my 6th race of the year.


                          What happens when the Golden Goose gets caught and eaten for dinner?   Someone chows DOWN! Big grin


                          Hope your  TM run went well, Basya.  3:55 a.m., why the heck are you up so early?


                          Happy running rest day, LRB, enjoy your exercises workout.  4 running days a week is my normal running week.


                          Happy elliptical training, Kay.  Don't fall off the thing, that can be quite embarrassing.  Not that I would know about that personally... Blush


                          Wow, Damaris, impressive, you can sleep-run!


                          Dang, INS, you can get 8 miles in just at lunchtime?  Impressive.  I'd have to take the rest of the day off, lol, if I tried to do 8 miles at lunchtime.  Good luck!


                          Happy running with your RP, April.  Umm, I never actually heard of French Vanilla bread.  Now, French Vanilla ice cream....


                          flarunner, I see the cold front for you that the Weather Channel people mentioned has arrived!  You are now having the temps that we here in San Antonio are having each morning.  Luckily, by noon or so we are back up in the high 50s.


                          Sorry about the cold, Robert, hope you feel better.


                          -16!!!  Just B.S., it might be time to move! Wink


                          Sorry about the TM fail, Baboon.  Hope the knee will let you run pretty soon.   I'm betting you will do just fine with your presentation. Good luck!


                          Good luck with your run, Step, and with the class reading volunteering.

                          "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                            I needed an extra shot for Starbucks to function today.  4 hours of sleep last night....


                            +3.  Can you make it a year resolution, scrape (instead of the month of January)?  We like you to stay.



                            +1.  I'm going to just +1 everything today.  It's fun.

                            Do you even run?


                            Barking Mad To Run

                              Pinktastic, you have dinner with your MIL EVERY Friday evening.   Gee, I can only take my MIL in small doses. Wink  Enjoy your evening.


                              So you ski on garbage, C0derunner?  That must be interesting.


                              Congrats on the 8 miles, scrape!


                              good luck with the 3, lilac!  Short enough distance that you could run outside, right?  Wink  I admire people that have the patience for the TM, I couldn't last a minute on that darn thing without getting bored to tears, I just HAVE to run outside. Luckily, I am in a place where (a) the weather allows that and (b) lots of safe places to run at all times of the day and night.


                              Congrats on the run, jedi!  Tough running with a strong wind.

                              "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt



                                My treadmill attempt was a big ol' FAIL.  I got about a half mile at 13:00 pace and my knee decided that was enough.  It's kind of a helpless feeling to be completely unable to run.  I'll give it a few days before I try again. 

                                I have to hand it to ya for trying, but I wouldn't run on that thing for a million dollars!  Now a billion.....


                                Scott, I'm with you on how perspective changes?


                                Supp Flo!


                                Code, would that be Mount Holly?


                                Hi Sarah!


                                RWC, it's cold as a mofo here too!


                                Scotty, woof woof!


                                Everyone else what up doe!

                                Clarity: I've found it.