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Thalposis Thursday Penguins - well, some of us... (Read 28 times)

Bad Ass

    Poor girl!  Hope she is better in no time, Mel!

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    Bin Running

      Cherie, that's good advice.. Thanks for that.. I am abt coming to my 2yr runniversary in a few days.. Still green and tends to overestimate my capabilities.. I did run 1992M last yr... but this yr is different.. If I do get to take part in the game, I will surely move it down a few knobs.


      Mel, I am aware that I can adjust it once but would like to still try to meet it since the team has been formed based on initial goal.. If I don't meet it, it doesn't really affect the team score. Not sure if this make sense.


      Bacon, I am there and back from HK. Had a great time.

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