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2016 Half Marathon Race Thread: Post Your Races Here! (Read 1416 times)

Bad Ass




    04/16 irishguy - Asbury Park Half Marathon

    04/17 bluerun - More/Shape Women's Half Marathon

    04/24 Jack K. - Ohai Half Marathon

    04/30 baxdaddy - Country Music Half Marathon

    04/30 Jerryb49 - Illinois Half Marathon



    05/01 bluerun - Long Island Half Marathon

    05/01 Lurch - The OC Half Marathon

    05/07 Jerryb49 - Indy Mini

    05/22 Jerryb49 - Chicago Spring Half Marathon

    05/29 Jack K. - Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon

    05/30 Lurch - City of Laguna Hills Half Marathon



    06/04 Brilliant - Fontana Days Half Marathon



    07/24 Lurch - Tijuana Half Marathon



    08/07 Jerryb49 - Bridge of the Gods Run Half Marathon

    08/13 Jerryb49 - Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon

    08/28 Brilliant - Santa Rosa Half Marathon


    09/04 Lurch - Disneyland Half Marathon

    09/11 Brilliant - Ventura Half Marathon

    09/25 bluerun - Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon



    10/01 FreeSoul87 - Evansville Half Marathon

    10/09 Lurch - Long Beach Half Marathon

    10/09 StoneFence - Hannaford Half Marathon (Goal: 2:35 or better)

    10/15 Jerryb49 - Des Plaines Trail Half Marathon





    12/11 - Lurch - Holiday Half Marathon

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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

    Bad Ass

      Transferring the HM RWOL thread to here.


      Feel free to add yourself to the list.  I will update once a week (or more if I can).  Please provide the name of your race and date.

      Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        I added my race in April 2013




        12/01 ImaRunnah - Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon

        12/01 staceyloobug - Tour De Ashland Half Marathon

        12/02 katie!rn - RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon

        12/09 Docket_Rocket - Weston Half Marathon

        12/09 jneilt - Dallas MetroPCS Half Marathon

        12/29 Docket_Rocket - iRun Miami Half Marathon





        01/01 PressEnter[] - Hangover Half Marathon

        01/13 ARCHAIC - Aramco Houston Half Marathon



        02/17 Catwhoorg - Locomotive Half Marathon



        03/09 Docket_Rocket - 13.1 Miami Beach

        03/17 Catwhoorg - Publix GA Half Marathon



        04/14 Docket_Rocket - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

        04/28 Philliefan33 -- St. Luke's Half Marathon

        delicate flower

          I am running:


          Feb 23:  Colchester HM, Colchester, CT


          March 23:  Savin Rock HM, West Haven, CT

          proud sherpa

            3/17 - Shamrock Half, Virginia Beach


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            Hey Doc

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              Thanks, Damaris!! 

              4/7/13 - Atlantic City Half Marathon


              Jess runs for bacon

                I am running:


                Jan 1st: Virtual Half Marathon

                Feb 24th: Disney Princess Half

                April 28th: St Luke's Half


                Considering running both Rutgers (April 21st) and AC April Fools (Apr 7th). It's all HeyDocs fault Tongue



                  I am running,


                  May 5th, 2013 Long Branch Half Marathon

                  Oct 13th 2013 Atlantic City Half Marathon (may switch to full)



                  Also considering Atlantic City April Fools HM, (not sure yet) , Newport Jersey City HM (date not announced) 


                  Thanks so much for doing this!


                    Thanks D!



                    Bless your heart.


                    Run Lanie, Run!

                      Please add the following races for me :-) 1/18: Charleston half marathon 2/17: Myrtle Beach half marathon 3/17: Tobacco Road half marathon Thanks Damaris!

                      Not quite right

                        06/22 RnR Seattle Half Marathon



                        12/01 Seattle Half Marathon



                        Looking at couple others to fill in but these two are on my calender  Smile

                          1/27 Manhattan Half.

                          Ken WD

                            01/20/13 - Naples Daily News Half Marathon

                            You Rang?

                              Transferring the HM RWOL thread to here.




                              Thanks for moving this over here D!  You're the best!


                              1/12/13 - Walt Disney World Half Marathon

                              2/3/13 - Surf City Half Marathon

                              9/1/13 - Disneyland Half Marathon


                              I'm thinking about running the Hollywood Half, but have not committed to it yet.


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                                04/27/13: Illinois Half-Marathon


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