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For all of you stuck on the treadmill today because of snow... (Read 76 times)


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    May you make the best of it and enjoy it as much as this puppy!

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    Go figure

      Nothing harder than trying to get a TM at a crowded gym!

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        AWWWW, I love pitbulls.  I wish Miami-Dade didn't ban them because I would have a dozen.  These are adorable!

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        Little Blue

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          Aww, what a cutie!  I love when he(?) does one paw at a time.



            Smart pup, and what does dude have, like four dogs?


            I have a pit, they are a smart breed.  Mine is huge, and eats like he has a tape worm!  There is no way I would want another one of them hogs.

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