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Hey Penguins, it's Monday again! (Read 223 times)

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    Hi Pens! I'm still alive, for now - my body is falling apart D: Left shin pain is back after stupidly starting Saturday's run on a steep downhill stretch of concrete sidewalk. I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor next Thursday. May try to get in a couple short runs between now and then if the tenderness is totally gone - better today than it was yesterday, so that's good. And now I'm having sporadic heart-racing episodes.. I think it's ectopic heartbeat, my mom and grandmother have the same thing. So I put in a call to my PCP about it and she recommended I go to the ER to have it evaluated. Ugh. I think it's probably just stress-related (was a stressful weekend between the shin acting up AGAIN and having to replace a car battery that I really couldn't afford this month) but it can't hurt to have it checked out. Rough start to the week for me!

    I like to run, and when I don't have a hernia I pick things up and put them down.

      Hope'sMom, could you send me some cookies please?


      Cherie, congrats on the HM, awesome time!


      Lauren, sorry about the shins. My only time to get them was from going too fast down a steep hill, that will never happen again, it was an excruciating and painful lesson I learned.


      I ended up with 6.25 miles and 6 x 800's at 5k pace. I was completely soaked when I finished, some from the rain and some from sweating. Question; How do you protect your Garmin when it's raining? I started a thread in the gear section too.


        Hi Penguins!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.


        Gustav-- good job getting those workouts in every day.  Its hard to keep up the motivation when you can't run sometimes.  You're doing great.

        Btothe2nd-- I know I'm late saying so, but wowsers @ you doing that marathon distance on your own and doing it so quickly!  That was very impressive.  Whatcha doing in penguins again?  ;-) just kidding, glad you're here even if you're a fast penguin!

        KristyRTT-- 2 weeks with your sister for Christmas sounds wonderful!  

        Bin Running-  I'm sorry your son is so ill.  Glad he's doing better for now.  Take good care of the little one.

        Docket_rocket-  good luck at the doctors.  Just remember no matter what the doctor says, it's your life and your choices, though I do hope your lungs are clearing up after the LV race.

        Scotty-- congratulations on another race.  I'll check out your report soon.  Yes, I'm in Arizona.  I'm thinking either the Mesa turkey trot or the 10k associated with the Phoenix Marathon in March are the biggest 10ks around.  But if you ever come this way, please give me a holler!  

        T-Rod-  sorry about your school breaking their winning streak.  Although that's a tough break, it was indeed an impressive streak.


        Tracylynn and Zelanie, thank you for the good wishes on my Half race yesterday.  I did alright.  I ended up with a Half PR of 2:02:26.  I'd have loved to get under 2hrs, but if it never happens, I'll be alright with that. We did end up having a fun, but cold time!  


        Totally missed your HM Cherie.  Congrats on the race and PR.  2:02 is great.  I'm sure you will get under 2:00 soon.  


        Next Race:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19

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          Awood- I think that's the nice thing about groups like these is we can kind of look out for each other. I want you to be able to keep running long term!

          HsM, I will trade you lasagna for cookies! Although somebody brought muffins to work today, yikes.

          Mitch- depending on the model, many Garmins I think are fine in the rain. Maybe worth checking?

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            Hog, I don't worry about my Garmin at all when it's raining.  I figure it's not like I'm immersing it for an hour, it's just getting a little wet, mostly on the face.  Have you had problems with it malfunctioning when wet?


            Mmm, cookies!!

            When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

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              Mitch - I don't do anything special to my Garmin in the rain.  I have the 310XT model and as far as I can tell, rain doesn't bother it.

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                Mitch - I have the garmin 410 and its water resistant, never had issues.


                Going out for a steady state run - 5 miles at 10:20ish m/m here in just a bit. I have started me a training plan you all can find it under my profile, I share everything (well running related anyways). I still got 3 more weeks to finish on the calendar but I think I am going to peak at about 45mpw before my half. Goal is sub 2:15, but really hoping for 2:05.


                Well, wife just walked in, time to go run. Talk to you all later.

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                  I rocked a REST DAY today.  Well actually just worked...

                  Having fun running.  No pace goals, no race goals, no schedule, just doing it. 



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                    I was going to run 8 tonight, but upon further review I stuck with 6 and kept the streak alive.  YEAH....I'M STREAKING!!!


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                    Dad on the run.

                      Just got in from my 5 miler. Mcmillan had my steady state pace at 10:00-10:27, I stayed on the lower end of those numbers at,


                      Mile 1 - 10:07

                      Mile 2 - 10:13

                      Mile 3 - 10:09

                      Mile 4 - 10:06

                      Mile 5 - 10:03

                      My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!


                        Hey everyone!!


                        Crazy day, squeezed in 2.5 miles to keep the streak alive. 


                        Hope everyone has had a great day! Smile



                        2014 Goals | sub-19 5k done! | sub-40 10k | sub-1:25 HM | BQ done! | sub-3 M


                          Hey everyone!!


                          Crazy day, squeezed in 2.5 miles to keep the streak alive. 


                          Hope everyone has had a great day! Smile



                          Is this a typo?  You mean 25.0 miles, right?

                          Next Race:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19

                            Thanks for the replys on the Garmin, mine is the 205. I also posted another thread to help get some more input.


                              Is this a typo?  You mean 25.0 miles, right?


                              LOL  Nope, just a little ol' two and a half today.  I'll make up the lost miles later this week. Wink



                              2014 Goals | sub-19 5k done! | sub-40 10k | sub-1:25 HM | BQ done! | sub-3 M