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    Short version:  52:55 and new PR by either 3 seconds or whatever math says for a previous 52:58 on a short course. (My previous PR on this course was 53:56 & probably a better measure)


    Long version:  So, it's been a while since I revisited my 10k PR.  And while it's my favorite race distance (though I'd love to find a 5-miler around here) I just didn't get the chance since last year at this same race where it rained. (I put in 54:30 knowing it was just not PR race)


    Then, during this year's version in January, I got the drop-to-my-knees flu shortly after my flu-shot thread started here on the BB.


    Lo and behold, Christian decides to run this race again in June....(good for me).  He is a beast.  For anyone who remembers, he was running back for the Kansas City Chiefs and he's still built like a tank.  Here's a neat little 'where are they now' blurb if you wanna watch.......



    Anywho, I didn't get to prep as much as I'd have liked and my 10k PR was set 2 years ago on a shorter course than this.....(I swear this one runs long but it's USATF so whatever) 52:58.  Only reason I mention it is that my 52:58 showed 6.16 on the Garmin while today's race came in at 6.26. (shrug).


    So, weather was great (63 degrees at 7am start time) and I got there a little early to just warm up properly.  I got more nervous than I expected but probably cuz I haven't raced in a while.  I lined up near the front as this is a small race anyway.  (a few hundred runners, tops)


    Mile 1 ---- 7:55 (oops).  Per my recent 5-mile tempo at 8:24 pace, I just want something around 8:30 to start.  SLOW DOWN, I told myself!


    Mile 2 ---- 8:33 (back on track)  I'm wishing I see something in the teens, but the latter half of this mile is run up a slight grade and I already know I shouldn't be overzealous for my stupidity in mile 1 anyway.  Self-talk is tough.


    Mile 3 ---- 8:27 (good) I don't hear my Garmin beep on this one but manage to glance down at about the time I think I should have been close & the number's still there.  At this point I'm reminding myself it's just "back another 3 or so & you're done".  Problem is that the course is still running away from the finish as this is a loop & a half, out & back, followed by another loop.


    Mile 4 ---- 8:39 (meh, don't slip)  This mile is mostly a long, flat stretch and I'm thinking the turnaround point is closer than it is but it's not.  (Grrr)  It's still a ways up the road.  I'm still not seeing the 1st place runner yet so I just tell myself to keep on & breathe.


    Mile 5 ---- 8:49 (uh oh, don't choke)  I'm feeling a little fatigued now and I don't know why.  In my training runs of 5 miles, I've often pulled negative splits so why the labored breathing?  Mile 1?  Who knows but I give it the ole "suck it up buttercup" and forge on.


    Mile 6 ---- 8:30 (better)  I'm coming back to a girl who passed me earlier.  (She refused to let me pass til mile 4 where I left her for a while but then she took it back at mile 5)  It takes me about a quarter mile but I reel her back in and overtake her right at the finish.


    Finish .26 ---- 2:02 (7:42 pace) And that's all I have left.  The last 100 yards I kick and last see the clock at 52:49. (My Garmin says 52:55)


    I definitely forgot how much a 10k hurts.  It's the distance I......errr.....hate to love.  I can't help it.  I love it.  I hope to someday get in the 40's before I'm too old, but I won't begrudge the 10k distance if I don't. Joking


    I didn't stick around so this is from last year's rainy race but I wore the same shirt today w/ yellow shoes for Boston!!  I guess we're still Blue/Yellow here too.  (Ya, he's beast but I think I've got an inch on him) Big grin



    Today's surprise swag (1st time he's ever done hardware)......



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      Great job, congrats!

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        Wow that is so cool!  Christian Okoye is the only other back that in my eyes rivaled Earl Campbell in terms of pure run your ass over now, take names later power!


        Congrats on the PR man!

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          A PR, and you got to take your picture with Okoye!?  That's a great day in my book.


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            Wow!  You hit the trifecta.  Running a race with Christian Okoye swag, setting a PR, and best of all, a photo op with the man himself.   Every NFL fan is envious.  He always seems like a good guy.

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              Actually meant to say this in your thread, Rick but you'd have won today's race too.  Winner came in at 42 and change.





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                Congrats on your race!  Nice swag!

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                  Congrats and nice report. I used to like watching him play the few times we got KC games in our area.

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                    Congrats on the PR!  Nice and steady!

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                      Nice job, Redrum.


                      (Okoye and the Chiefs were always the easiest way to win Tecmo Super Bowl, lol.)

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                        Sweet!  Congrats on the PR!  It's funny but every time I hear Okoye's name, I think about the NFL Films clip where he got absolutely laid out by Steve Atwater.  That was an impressive hit from a smaller guy on a mammoth running back.


                        Good stuff, redrum!  Love the pic.

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                          I totally want to grow up and have my own race and give out medals with my name on it!  Heh!


                          Great job, redrum.   Sounds like it was a sweet event!


                            Nice, congrats on the PR.


                            Go figure

                              Nice job, Redrum.


                              (Okoye and the Chiefs were always the easiest way to win Tecmo Super Bowl, lol.)



                              This was my first thought too!


                              Congrats on the new PR! Nice job getting the pace back after slowing in mile 5. Glad you enjoyed it.

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                                Thanks gang!  I'll push for more later this summer but need to train better.  The legs are willing but the lungs protest.


                                And for those who are wondering about all this Tecmo talk.......




                                Big grin Wink