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Barking Mad To Run

    Congrats, Tori, way to go!  Ummm..NCLEX?  Sounds like some nasty contagion thing...  Wink   Dang, oncology nurse,I admire you for that!  That can be tough, I bet, and sometimes probably very heart-rending, seeing what all those patients are going through.


    HsM, way to rock your presentation!


    Impressed that you can wear Newtons, Jack.  I am WAAAY to fat for those things to support me, lol.  Good luck with them!


    Congrats on your tempo run, Zelanie? Your DD has a robot?  Can you teach it to do housework?  Joking


    Or, Lauren, jump in the pool, if you are at a gym.  Will both refresh and give your legs a 'shakeout' at the same time.


    Ahhh, asthma, okay, Damaris. I was thinking maybe you had a touch of the flu or something.


    Nice to snuggle in, SheCan, on those cold, winter-wonderland days.  Wait till the snow is all gone for you to run again.  That will be, what, about...August where you are?  Wink

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      congrats tori!

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        Fixing to go for a walk instead of a swim.  I can't seem to get my timing down for swimming!  I got derailed by a fire alarm, and then we have a grad student running some samples in our lab, and I don't want to be gone when my tech needs to leave, which would leave the student here by herself.  So, a walk it is!

        When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.


          WTG, Tori, congratulations!  It's so nice that all your hard work has paid off.  Enjoy your movie tonight.


          Hopesmom- Yay@ rocking your seminar!


          And I wanted to apologize.  I guess I don't always have to throw my opinion out there.  No offense intended.


          Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.

          Singer who doesn't run.

            Cherie, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm sure you're forgiven!  Wink

            When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.


              Hehe, Scotty, I'm in south Arizona, and the snow is almost all gone now.  But I'm clean, and it's still cold, so it's still a rest day!   Enjoy your warm afternoon run!


              Thanks Hopesmom!  It wasn't a big deal, I just really don't want to be rude--- sometimes I just am, when I shouldn't be.  *yikes!*


              Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.

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                Scotty - I actually did last night! Didn't do a whole lot of swimming but I did learn to put my face in the water without panicking Smile


                Legs feel less stiff post-gym time today, but I'm glad I decided to give them the day off from running. Don't all scold me, but according to my Garmin yesterday was 4.6 miles with nearly 2 miles of intervals at sub-8:00 pace Surprised I didn't look at the details yesterday, I just knew it was over 4 miles total. No wonder my body hates me. I'll count my blessings if my shins are good tomorrow and I'll scale it back a little at next Monday's workout. ~2 mile easy runs planned for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

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                  Congrats, Tori!!!! I know how that feels!!!!!!

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                    Congrats Nurse Tori !!!  Wink


                    Dollar Tree is fine for a $1 valentines card (make that 50 cents) and mylar balloons.  I was kidding about getting flowers there.   I'll go to the grocery store for roses, instead of paying $75 at the florist.


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                      Congratulations Tori!

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                        Congrats Tori, that's awesome!!


                        4.5 easy miles for me today, never found my groove, but at least I made it out the door and got some miles in. Smile



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                          Congrats Tori!

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