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TUESDAILIES = You Had Me at 'Let's Run' (Read 247 times)

    RM2B, sweet half. Lily, great 10. April, I hope you enjoyed your five with your RP. scottydawg, I'm glad you're OK. neverrow, how can 9.2 not score you any points? FlippyNoodle, I almost fell on my tuchus about two weeks ago because sprinkler water froze:/ Tom, nice job with the intervals. Shari, I'm glad you took it inside and avoided injury...I hope that your neck and shoulder are OK soon. So_Im_a_Runner, yay on the hill sprints! Robert, 3.3 and productive cross training; I like itSmile buchy2009, which race will you run? jneilt, I'm happy that you're on the mend. Fuzzy, excellent run. B-Plus, what game do you mean? Jay, you were flying at that pace; 6:45?!?
      I'm babysitting a friend's three-and-a-half-year-old twins overnight. After grocery shopping, dinner, and their bedtime routine, I did my ab work and push-ups. At the gym this morning, two of the trainers/managers commented that I should consider entering figure competitions and asked me if I'd be willing to be photographed for promotional materials. I was flattered, but completely shocked. I have trouble seeing the shape in which I am; all I see is how I can improve. For various reasons, including my vehement hate of being photographed, I said no.

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          Hi dailies:


          Weezer - shorts in the 20's?  Yikes!


          D - I'll trade ya some 30's for your 80's a couple times a week


          Baboon - no knuckle lights on the treadmill, unless you turn out the lights


          Scotty - glad you and everyone else are OK


          Lily - nice tempo run, and on a full stomach.  Mine had turkey meatloaf and baked potato with no ill effects Smile


          Heidi - good stuff, looks like the rest week didn't bring you down any.  Is that bout with being sick all cleared up too?


          10.9 with roughly 5 at tempo, 6:45 pace overall.  A Mexican restaurant near my work caught fire today, hopefully no one was hurt.  Looks like the building is a write-off.


          Can I send you the bad humidity we have?  I can just send you that, now that you ask.  75 dewpoint and 90% humidity coming your way, Federal Express next day!


          I ran and I was so soaked that when I got into the supermarket, the cashier asked me whether it had been raining long. 

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            13 miles, including 5 MP miles, in at 8:20 overall pace.  I felt really great tonight even though my calves were sore from yesterday's run (that's the thanks I get for the week off) and this was a pretty fast overall run for me.


            You're fast! Your overall pace is about equal to my 5K race pace! Smile

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            5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54