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Just when you thought you were safe from "Manpris".... (Read 589 times)


    not me. I dress like a grocery store manager. I wore my dead grandfather's clothes for a couple of years after college, so that will give you an idea.


    Go figure

      I'll just say it - I'd run in those. That's where I'd draw the line though.

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        My neighbor would wear those. But he wears Lacoste boat shoes and skinny jeans with cardigans. And no, he isn't gay. He's freaking married to a girl who looks like Olivia Munn(no cereal, I honestly thought for about a month we lived next to Olivia Munn). I guess Jakes on you guys and your baggy pantsWink

        I like a dude with man fur and athletic shoes, so what do I know really?!


          I like a dude with man fur and athletic shoes, so what do I know really?!


          Sounds like you know all you need to know bb toes  ;-)

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            not saying that they prefer high-heels and no pants for women, 


            No, I do prefer women without pants.



              Maybe if that guy was wearing pants, he'd be able to hail a cab.



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                I don't wear tights in public so my wife knows enough to never buy manpris no matter how good a sale is.