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I just set a 10K PR on a training run (Read 254 times)

Bin Running

    Well done.. Very speedy..

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    2XU HM - 29 Mar

    Bad Ass

      Nice. that PR is ready to be killed.

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      delicate flower

        I would say you could go sub 45 min in a race.



        That's sort of what I was thinking.  That's a 7:15 pace.  My 5K on Dec 2 was 6:53 pace.  Who knows where I'll be though by the time an actual 10K race comes around (most likely late April).



        Thanks again for the comments.  My legs certainly don't feel like I raced a 10K yesterday, as they shouldn't since it wasn't a race effort. 

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          It may not "count," but it sure can't be discounted.  Well done. =)

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