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Savage Seven Marathons in Winter Springs, FL (Read 47 times)


    Has anyone here done this event before?


    Thoughts, comments?

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      A friend of mine is planning on doing it. The only issue I saw is that the loops can get boring after day 1. Pros: even if you don't finish all 7, you get a medal for each completed day.

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        This is the third year of the event.  The first year, it was just a few 50 staters on a track for 7 days.  It is called "Savage" because that is the instigator's last name.  The second year, all the sudden it became a big freakin deal... on the same track.


        While pretty much everyone seemed to have a grand time, there was some weird drama between a few people.  I won't go into it.


        This year's version is managed by a different person.  Instead of laps around a track, it is laps around a parking lot.  For seven days.


        Not my thing, especially the dumbass drama parts.  Although "...around a parking lot" makes me bleh, I guess it depends on the lot.  If it is a big mall lot or something, maybe that's not as bad.  Dunno.  The lady managing it is very nice.


        BTW, kind of a weird thing to post in "Beginners and Beyond".  You might get more hits in one of the marathon groups.