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"Easy" mile pace and increasing weekly mileage... (Read 386 times)


Go figure

    ;However, once you start increasing mileage, chances are you'll slow down to be able to complete the extra mileage.  Or at least that was my experience when I went from 35mpw to 50mpw.



    I totally agree with this. As my mileage has gone up, I've added recovery paced runs for the first time. These are effortfully easy, in that I have to focus on going slowly. It's exactly the distinction LTH was making about easy v. recovery runs. Anyway, I think adding these have helped me to stay feeling fresh. I think you can definitely work to build your mileage, just make sure you're not adding mileage and intensity simultaneously by really speeding up your easy runs.

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    Shakedown Street

      I have noticed the same thing with my easy pace as well, it's faster by about 45 seconds/mile on average.


      But it is winter, when 100 comes, well....

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