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Did I really eat all that (Read 127 times)

    Besides the turkey and ham, I just had  have a "few" slices of apple pie today, of course I had to heat it up and add a vanilla ice cream. Just wish I stopped at  a few lol.

    not lazy, just tired

      yeah, yesterday was a banner day for eating. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now back to the real world.

      Not if it makes sense.

      Bad Ass

        LOL.  I ate but not a lot.  There was not much a vegetarian like me could eat that had no meat, turkey, or turkey gravy in it.

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          I ate at the hotel bar.  But it was happy hour so stuff was "2 for 1".  So I had two.  Which qualifies me to post in the "did I really eat all that" thread.


          Yes.  Yes I did.



            Yes, I did eat all that.  It was good, too.  Big grin


              I pretty much ate my weight in food.  Turkey dinner plus the fixings and 2 large helpings of pie and icecream.  


              But it was worth it!


                I ate two big plates, and four small slices of pie, but I was only on the upper end of my normal daily weight fluctuations. So nice to be in better shape than I used to be.