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    Sunday it was hot.


    The race was at Delaware Park, a popular running spot for city-dwelling runners with a 1.5ish mile ring road close to downtown.

    I parked and went to where it looked like the start line was on the map and found nothing, so I started jogging going faster as the clock wound down around the ring with 15 minutes to gun time.


    Nothing.  I finally turned around and found the start line with maybe 5 minutes left, sprinting up a grassy hill to the sign-in.  Probably the last runner to register, and with the national anthem already being sung, I threw my packet under a shrub by a telephone pole and hoped it would stay there.  Already sweating heavily, hasty shoe tying, bib-pinning, get up in front, bang.


    One other guy went out with me, and I thought "he is welcome to maintain that pace because there's no way I'm doing it in this heat".   After about 250 yards he slowed dramatically and I was alone to pick my way though casual non-racing runners using the loop.  Bonus of the course:  nowhere to get lost!


    The rest of the story is easy:  I was tired, it was hot, but it didn't matter.  2nd was 2:30 behind my disappointing 18:00 flat.


    There was a big spread of fruit, bagels, water and juice, nom nom nom.  And my packet was right where I had thrown it, so the race shirt came in handy to replace the sopping wet one that had been raced in.


    The streak is likely done at 5.  I may race on Thursday against an excellent trail runner, and even if that goes better than expected, Friday's big-money 4 mile will put a sure end to it, with touring sub-elites and the local burners all sure to be in attendance.  It was fun Big grin


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      FIVE IN A ROW!!!  That's amazing.  The way this race started would have wiped me  Very impressive.  I'm I reading that right?  You have 2 more races this week!?  I'm kind of jealous.  I talked myself out of a race already today, and I REALLY want to race  I may have to focus on shorter distances next year.


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        Congrats on another win!! This time from behind.


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          Congrats, Jay on another win!!!! Amazing!


          Bonus of the course:  nowhere to get lost!



          Except in finding the starting line, lol. But, better before the race than on the course for a change right?

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            'Bout time you won another one of these things.

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              Woohoo! Mr NumberOne! :-) Disappointing 18:00 my eye... Big grin Huge congratulations. Jay!!!

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                You'd better be careful : streaking can get you placed on the registered sex offender's list.  Don't ask me how I know !


                Okay, okay, I'll tell you how I know.  I work at a college, and whenever you have drunken, stressed-out 20-year-olds it's a pretty safe bet that somebody's gonna end up runnin' around like a nekkid crazy person.  I was talking to a campus safety dude once and he said one of his biggest fears was that some student would get picked up by city cops for harmless nekkid shenanigans.  Once you're a sex offender, that shit don't go away.


                Oh, and good race BTW.

                Stupid feet!

                Stupid elbow!

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                  Congrats on another win, especially in the heat with the stress of being late, etc.  Awesome!

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                    Glad you found the start, and congrats on another win!



                      Congrats again Jay. I think you'll give those others a run for their money in the upcoming races.

                      - Andrew


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                        So let me summarize, Jay is fast (well not so in heat), and is map challenged.


                        My suggestion is to go hard on the Big Money 4 and use your winnings on a GPS.  Helps tremendously in finding things on a map!


                        LOL, good speed workout.

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                          You're pretty funny. Running late to a race and you still end up winning. Congratulations. Smile


                            I'm dyslexic ...i thought i read "bout time you won one of these things."


                            anyway, glad the streak is alive..and congrats!

                            'Bout time you won another one of these things.

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                              Sheeit, you ain't foolin' me.  You are not conceding defeat, you are just running the idea through your head.  No different than a dozen different scenarios we think about leading up to race day.


                              That is some impressive stuff you're on right now, don't go down without givin' them a kick in the ass!

                              "Training is not always fun, but it should always be rewarding."

                                Thanks guys.


                                There's no way I'm cashing at the Subaru 4-Mile Chase - last year 15 guys ran sub-5 pace, with the winner at a blistering 4:31/mi.


                                But free entry with free beer afterwards is a thing worth attending.  Smile