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Cajun Cup 10K Run Report (Read 69 times)


    I signed up for this race several months a go when my weekly running was going well. I ended up getting completely derailed by a lung infection that left me barely running for a few weeks. Then, in September, I found out after a CT scan that the tumour in my inner ear had regrown again, and I had my third surgery scheduled for October 7th. A week after surgery, I tried to start running again. I had huge issues with vertigo from the surgery and I couldn't run. Despite my lack of running, my body completely ached too. So, I had very little hope of running my 10K and I considered DNS.


    I received words of wisdom from fellow Penguins, and decided to take it as an easy run. Even an easy run was difficult, as due to my partners changing schedule, most of my minimal running was on the treadmill.


    On to the run. I was very happy to see the forecast temperature of 55F! I do not tolerate heat at all. In the worst lack of judgement though, I didn't bring a visor or my sunglasses. Despite the 55F, the sun was blazing. I picked up my packet, and went to find my family. My mum, brother and sister are all visiting from the UK and they came with us for the race. From the congregation area, it was about 1/4 mile walk to the start line and I was extremely nervous. I felt very out of place. I stand out like a sore thumb at races with so many fit and in shape people. I've lost over 50lbs, but I still weigh 200lbs and I always feel ridiculous. I lined up with the last sign (over 1:00 finish). My A goal was 1:09.xx. B goal was under 11:30m/miles. C goal was under 12m/miles. I heard the gun go off, started my iPod and waited until we passed the start line before I started my Garmin.


    First mile went well. I always need the first mile to work out kinks. I'm fat, so I stay achey, but my legs actually felt pretty good. The first mile was up a street, and straight away I noticed the camber on my ankle. I'm thinking that with more outdoor running I can strengthen my ankles! 10:32

    Mile 2, 11:30. I walked the water stop at about 1.5 miles, a mile in the sun had really upset me (I'm very delicate in the sun)

    Mile 3, 11:38. I walked a couple of times during this mile. I told myself I would walk if I wanted to. I struggled a lot with mental endurance, I noticed a lot of the time my legs felt fine and I was breathing great, but I let myself walk. Hit the 5K point at 35:40 or so.

    Mile 4, 11:45. I stopped at a water stop and picked up some Gatorade. Not the best idea, I guess it was too strong because it made me choke, lol.

    Mile 5, 11:28. A lot of these areas were shaded, which was nice. My ankle was uncomfortable, and my hip abductors(?) were and still are quite sore.

    Mile 6, 11:10

    Last 0.2, 2:02

    Second 5K was 35:03. Negative split? I never get negative splits!


    I stopped my Garmin at 6.2 miles with a time of 1:10:04. In hindsight it was probably from tangents. My official time is 1:10:43. I was only 44 seconds off my A goal. I had my usual trouble with post race dizziness, but I didn't want to throw up Smile


    My next race is a 5K on the day before Thanksgiving. My original goal was sub-30, but this was before my year got thrown off. I'm hoping I can shave a minute off my PR (33:24) and I should definitely beat my course previous best from this race last year (37:20)



    My only picture is hideous, but hey, I felt like I wanted to die.


    Thanks for reading Smile

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        Congrats! Sounds like you had a good race.


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          Congrats on your 10K, Coralie!  You did great, especially considering all you've been dealing with!    Good luck with your upcoming 5K!


          My only picture is hideous, but hey, I felt like I wanted to die.


          No, it is not hideous.  Time to update your avatar photo, that one does not do you justice any more, you hottie you. Big grin

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            Well done, Coralie!! I knew you could do it! I can only dream of negative splits. Smile

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              Not hideous at all. Very pretty in fact! But you seem a little surprised by the camera. :-)  I am completely sure that you were not standing like a sore thumb, like you say. You look very fit yourself, I think it's all the demons in your head talking. You need to squish those guys, next time. :-)


              Congratulations on such a great race, after such a difficult period for you! It was really nice that your visiting family had the chance to see you race. Must have been fun for all of you!

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                You are too hard on yourself, that you are even out there puts you above the people who may weigh less than you, but are sedentary.  You did great considering the circumstances (and looked great doing it) so look at it as a positive!


                Mental endurance is something you can work on during all of your runs, visualizing yourself at various points of an event helps immensely.  So what you learn is that success on race day actually begins days, weeks, and even months beforehand and is both physical and mental.


                Way to hang in there, hopefully you can put the health issues behind you!

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                  With everything you've been through leading up to this race, I thought your goal was darn impressive.  The results are really impressive actually.  You're definitely pretty hard on yourself, but I can tell you that there are a lot of people who'd love to run those times.  Great job.


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                    Congratulations!! You did great, and you look great too. I agree with Scotty, quite the Hotty Big grin

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                      Great job, Coralie!  Especially with what you have been through.  Strong penguin!

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                        Oh you are so not hideous! And you don't look out of place at all! Great job Coralie Smile

                        I like to run, and when I don't have a hernia I pick things up and put them down.


                          Thank you so much everyone!


                          I always feel very good about my weight loss until I am around hundreds of other people who are half my size. Then I feel like a miss placed Amazon. I am happy with my result, and it is an automatic PR Smile

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                            Less than a minute off your A goal is impressive - but even more impressive is that you got out there after all that stuff you dealt with. That speaks volumes.  And I wish you the best on your 5k goal!



                              Coralie-- you did fantastic!   Dealing with the surgeries, the heat and the dizziness (and you didn't even mention illness)  was not easy, but you kept doing the training when you could.  I'm so glad you were able to actually do this race.  Ugh@ running it with neither visor or sunglasses, though.  You did great on your pacing.   BTW, I think you look really cute in your pic, besides at my races, there's people of many different sizes and shapes.  You have no reason to feel out of place.  Anyway, congratulations!


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                                Great job on your race! You have gone thru a lot and still come out on top. Negative splits is good racing!

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