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Who's racing this weekend? (Read 226 times)

Not quite right

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend Big grin 


    Super B****

      Been chasing a 5K PR since March -- maybe this will be my lucky weekend?!

      YAYpril - B-Plus

        No racing for me this weekend. Good luck and have fun, people!

        Dudes don't get chicked at the end Smile


        I totally chicked a dude in the final stretch of the 5-miler I did last Saturday. No regrets! Evil


        Warrior Princess

          The boy formerly known as crazyrunningboy but who has chosen to rechristen himself mithrandir (cause it's cooler to associate with a wizard than your mom...) will be chasing down a 5k PR as Moving Towards a Cure Tampa


          Running for TJ

            No scheduled races for me in the near future.  just running miles...

            • Casual runner with nothing to prove.  
            • Dead F'n Last beats Didn't F'n TRY...EVERY F'n DAY!


            Jack K.

            I love sponge cake.

              I will be running in the Homeboy Industries 5k with DW and both DDs. Smile

              2014 races

              Santa Anita Derby Day 5k - 5 Apr  

              Mountains to Beach Marathon - 25 May

              dog person

                10K tomorrow. Used to be my favorite distance, we'll see. Probably my last race for the next 3 months or more.









                  Running my first 1/2 this weekend!



                  2013 Goals: (1) Sub-30 5k; (2) first marathon; (3) 1500 miles logged; and (4) 14 races total.


                  Upcoming Races: (1) 5/18- Viola Valley Half Marathon; (2) 6/9- Ann Arbor Half Marathon; (3) 7/4- Music City 10k; (4) 8/10- Granville Irish Half Marathon; (5) 9/22- Bluegrass Half Marathon; (6) 10/6- Music City Half Marathon; and (7) 10/20- Detroit Free Press Marathon.