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My busted knee thread aka WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME! (Read 659 times)

delicate flower

    Rather than drag down every dailies thread with my knee updates, I figured I'd post a separate thread that is easier for folks to skip.


    Just to recap for anyone who skips the dailies, I crashed early into my ski day Saturday and felt my knee pop.  The pain was immediate and intense.  I screamed in pain.  I had to be taken off the mountain via sled by ski patrol.  I had ACL reconstruction on that knee in 2009.  I don't think it's the ACL this time, but there is swelling and plenty of pain.  According to internets speculations, all signs point to a meniscus tear.


    I have an appointment with my knee doc (well, his assistant) next Tuesday.  I saw my PCP today.  He just confirmed that there is knee damage and that I am not allowed to ski or run until further notice.  He couldn't tell me too much though since he's not a knee specialist.  I'm hoping to get an MRI done prior to my Jan 15 appointment.


    Major, major bummer.  It's disheartening.  I've been a runner for less than two years and have been doing so well in recent months.  I was really looking forward to my spring races and hammering out some PR's.  I don't know the extent of my injury or how long I'll be on the DL, but obviously it's a big step back and I'm going to lose some ground.  And who knows how long it'll take for me to fully recover.  It's not like I have to take a week or two off or have to cut back.  I have to STOP RUNNING for who knows how long.  It sucks.  I was doing so well.  I'm registered for half marathons on Feb 23 and March 23.  Those are now up in the air.


    Not to mention, DW and I have a ski vacation planned in three weeks.  That's looking pretty bleak now at this point.  We were looking forward to that vacation.  I feel terrible.


    So, thanks for letting me whine.  I know people have bigger problems in this world than being unable to run for a while or not take a vacation, but doesn't mean I have to like this.


    Good pic tho'


    Boo hoo to me.

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      I really hope you get some good news next week, Phil.  I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.

      Do you even run?

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        I am so sorry, Phil. Sad Keep your chin up. I'm thinking good healing vibes for you.

          Good thoughts your way Phil. Hope everything turns out and you come back better!

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            Dang Phil. I am really really sorry. It sucks. Yes you will come back more strong and fit

            than ever, that I am sure of, but in the meantime it does suck big rocks.


            I agree, great pic!!


            Go figure

              Sorry to hear that Phil.  I certainly wish you a speedy recovery.  I've done the meniscus tear thing twice, so if that's the road, I know what's ahead of you.  Just know that whatever the road, you'll get back to where you were and eventually be out there enjoying it all again.

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              delicate flower

                Thanks for comments.  It's nice to have a place to vent to folks who can relate.


                Sorry to hear that Phil.  I certainly wish you a speedy recovery.  I've done the meniscus tear thing twice, so if that's the road, I know what's ahead of you.  Just know that whatever the road, you'll get back to where you were and eventually be out there enjoying it all again.


                Did you have full or partial tears?  Having gone through ACL surgery and rehab, I'll just be happy if I don't have to go through that again.  It pretty much put me back a year, though I was not a runner at the time.

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                  So sorry Baboon! Sad Keep us updated with any news - we are all rooting for you!


                    Shocked So sorry to hear this, Baboon (Phil). I've been following your running progress with great interest. I'm deathly afraid of skiing for this very reason and have resisted all attempts by my offspring and well-meaning friends to get me out on the slopes. Running and biking are too important to me to risk strapping a board or two to my feets and careening down a mountainside.  I hope you get some good news at your Dr. appointment and the injury is minimal and heals quickly!


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                      It's okay to be upset and boo-hoo!  Any one of us would feel the same.


                      This makes me think of my mindset back when I was running marathons--I pretty much ceased all activity of any kind, except for running, in the last remaining weeks before a race.  I was just TOO scared of hurting myself and throwing all that training away.


                      Try to remain calm.  Whatever it is, you'll deal with it.  Maybe you will need weeks or even months off but try to see the bigger picture, it won't last forever and you'll be back where you were eventually.  It may take longer, and feel like you backpedaled, but have faith that you will get there again.

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                      Go figure

                        One full, one partial.  I think that compared to the acl patients that rehabbed along with me, the recovery starts with just as much pain.  The good thing is, there's a quicker progression to the process.  It also seems like meniscus recovery is pretty individual.  Just look at the difference in recovery times for professional athletes.  Hopefully your fitness base will give you a great head start.


                        Do you think you'll continue to ski down the road?  For me, I pretty much gave up basketball for my running because it aggravated my PF too much.  I miss it a ton though, and can definitely see how you'd want to keep skiing.  I'm even looking forward to going skiing a couple times this season myself, even though I'm scared about doing it.

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                          Boo indeed!  Hope the recovery is quick.  I'm sorry.

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                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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                            You just don't do anything half way, do you Phil? JK.....

                            Major bummer! Sounds like you know worst case and this ain't that. Which is good. This just gives you time to plot and schemeWink

                            Hope the update is a positive one when it comes.


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                              By the way, this is what comes up as an ad when I read this thread:



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                                UGH...Joint "poppage" has new meaning since my bicep tore off at my elbow w/ a loud "pop" **shivers**


                                Sorry to hear about your injury buddy, but here's hoping for a "better case scenario" diagnostic and speedy recovery.  Smile