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  • Smith-Cotton

    Smith-Cotton - Sedalia, MO High School Cross Country and Track team alumni and members

  • Rochester MN Running Crew

    This is a group for those in Rochester MN who want to get in shape, train,track their miles in a group with local friends.

  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy

    Training log for the 2015 bucs cross country season

  • Speedy legs

    We run hard and we run far. My legs are strong and very long. #5kwinner!!

  • UWSP Pointers

    A recreational and competitive running forum for current and past UWSP runners.

  • St John's Charlotte Spring Forward 2015

    St. John's Church in Charlotte NC is logging miles with the goal to "walk to Jerusalem" - a mere 2,660 miles, to be logged by parishioners between March and August of 2015. We are logging biking, running, or walking.

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