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Holidays Over, Time for a New Thread (Read 764 times)

    Good morning!  30 min run yesterday and today, both days were warmer than it's been recently.  Missed lots of running last week due to an icestorm, so I'm repeating what I should have done last week.

  Christmas decorations are still up! Blush

    Michele in NC


      obie, doing OK?  Don't quit, you've come too far!


      I was sick on Thursday with some stomach virus thingy, so didn't run that day or Friday.  Got in 30 min tonight, tough but I made it.

      Michele in NC


        First attempt at a long run, increased my Sunday run to 35 min today.  Felt like quitting, but I think running in the sunshine, for a change, helped me out today.

        Michele in NC


          Thanks for checking on me. I wasn't doing so hot for a little while there. Now I'm back but laying off the OHR program for now. I'm just trying to get in some exercise and do it by feel. So far so good.


          Nice job running despite recovering from the stomach flu! Wow!

            {Obie}!  I'm glad you checked in, I was worried about you.  Hang in there, just do what you can.

            Michele in NC


              I'm kinda doing OHR still but by feel/run/walk instead of nonstop running. I guess it's really like increasing the length of my workout instead of building endurance, per se. Fun thing: at least in the first couple of runs, my times are a tad faster than when I just run the whole time. I realized, too, that I'm not into races, so being nutty about how exactly I run/work out doesn't make sense. Much better! 

                38 minute run/walk thinger. I really like this run for fun/run by feel bit. Much more pleasant. And outside today!

                  Anybody there?


                  I did a 30 minute run this morning. Even though I left the option open to walk, I didn't, and I did some bits that were a tad faster. I'm having much more fun with my new plan.


                  I also have eliminated the 5 minute warmup + 5 minute cooldown. I start going right away, and at the end, I walk until my heart rate slows to a certain rate before I do a little stretching. Seems to work for me.