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    Thought I'd start 'er off by just posting a thread. Week 4 begins after work. I'm nervous! Undecided How're other people doing?
      I did W4W1 today. It hurt, by I did it! Yes 2.55 miles in 32:03. Woohoo! Come on, guys! Look alive! How're other people's C25K weeks going?

      My running partner!

        Sounds like you are doing excellent! I don't remember doing that much in w4. I am resting today and will do w9d2 tomorrow if I'm feeling.better. I think I have an ear infection so I'm at the doctor now Angry Yesterday I decided to do a fun run and did mile in 12min. Fastest pace yet. Next week I am starting to train for an 8 k in march.

          I'm doing w8d2 tomorrow. I'm finding that it's the mental part of the run that is hardest of all. 28 minutes seems like forever! Ah well, keep running everyone!
            Wow, quagga! You're doing great! You're not even at the end of the program and you're running the 5K distance. A little over a week to go. Push your mind. Justdidit: Ew. I hope your ear infection goes away. That and the antibiotics might make you off-balance, so take care of yourself.
              Hi, I'm new. I completed C25K two years ago and was a regular poster at CR at the time, but I stopped running immediately after W9D3 to recover from a stress fracture and never got back into it. This time will be different. Smile I did W3D1 this morning and felt great. Even though I haven't exercised much in the last few years, I wonder if maybe I retained some conditioning after all -- I seem to remember it being a lot harder back then.
                hathorne-- That's awesome! Way to get back into it! I did W4D2 yesterday. It was a push again. Didn't help that I don't think I'd eaten enough yesterday. But I got through it! One more run in week 4.

                  Wait...did some of you change your avatars to critters just to please me?? Wink (justidit and obiebyke) Or am I only just now noticing that you have critter avatars... Week 8 Day 1 and Day 2 are history! Tomorrow will be Day 3 and I will be done with Week 8! I hope everyone's week is going well. I hope you're feeling better justdidit! Welcome back to C25K hathorne!
                    I just changed my avatar. Not to please you, but because that pic always makes me smile. Cute fuzzy boy! Big grin
                      Happy Friday everyone! I just completed week 4 today. Using my new math (it's better than the New Math of the 70's. see my counting/not counting thread), I did 1.88 miles in 22:00. I'm already a bit nervous about next week. HARD! How's everyone's program going? I want reports! Lynneann, how was your first workout today?

                        Happy Friday everyone! Acting on my earlier query about miles versus times, today I ran distance over time. I am happy to share that I ran 2.75 miles straight today, which took me 33 minutes. (I am NOT counting my cooldown or warmup.) And...I feel good! I recorded this in my workout log, but I will just share my technique. I started slow at 4.7mph for the first 0.75 miles and increased by 0.2mph for each 0.75 mile after that. I finished at 5.3mph, which is a faster pace than my previous C25K runs. Keep on running everyone! I am glad to be able to come here and share.
                          W4D1 this morning -- a little tougher than last week, but again, I swear I'm having an easier time than I was two years ago. That said, my shins hurt during the walk intervals and after I get home. I put ice on them when I came home from W3D3 on Saturday, but didn't have time this morning because I had to go to work. I wonder if I'm developing shin splints. Wouldn't it have shown up earlier?
                            Try toe taps. Search for it in the forum search field. They really help with shin splint type pain. Good going, Hathorne!