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C25K - time or distance? (Read 334 times)


    Did you use time or distance for your training intervals and how did you decide? For me, it's been exclusively time-based because it seemed easier on me, but I wonder if I would have different results if I used distance instead. Would it have made a mental difference or a physical difference? Right now I am in Week 8 and am fixated on the watch (or beep) as I near the end of the run. Thoughts, anyone?
      I use time because I'm using the Wollrey podcasts, and that's how they're set up. I figure that'll take me close enough to the 3.1 that I can do that last little bit of training on my own.

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        I also use time - it's just easier. I do not do the 3 miles in 30 minutes, but I am starting the 8k training next week and I think I will just push myslef to do the three miles even if I have to slow down. That's what I am hoping anyway.

          So I'm with the majority! I used Robert Ullrey's podcasts as well -- I probably could not have gotten started on C25K without them.
            Right. Ullrey. Robert Ullrey is NOT the same person as Chuck Woolery, Ray... Wink That's totally where my mind was.

              I just finished the couch25k program this morning and I knew from the beginning that I was not going to be able to run for time. I am so slow! So I went for distance. I started with 2 miles and slowly increased it. I didn't feel so much pressure this way and as long as I was completing the distance I could care less how fast I was doing it. I read that eventually speed would come so I didn't stress about it. Good luck! Claire

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                Jeannie, I have been running for almost 2 years and until I got my Garmin back in Nov. I had mostly been running for time. Now I kind of do both. Running for time is a really easy way to keep from overdoing the mileage increases, especially without a Garmin to show exactly how far you're going on a particular run. k

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                  Thanks Zoom-Zoom. I can see that I'm going to enjoy my Garmin once I actually develop a taste for running outside.