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Yay! just graduated!! (Read 190 times)

    Hi all, Just wanted to pop in to say I just finished the C25K! Did my last run tonight.
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    Started Running 21 April 2008

    2008 Running Goals
    • Finish C25K 22 Jun 2008
    • Run 5K 43:29 29 Jun 2008
    • Complete a 10K fun run

    On the road back

      Awesome work! Feels great, doesn't it? When ya racin??

      2013 Goals: Run more. Smile while I do it. Complete 2 marathons in a year. (1 down, 1 to go)

      Needs more cowbell!

        Way to go, WLM! It's only just the beginning...and it will keep getting better! Big grin

        I shoot pretty things! ~

        '15 Goals:

        • Do some dus...and some CX...and some tandem gravel...and some podiums...

        • PRs

        • 130#s (or less)

          Congratulations! What a great feeling! What is your next challenge?
          ~ Mary ~

          "Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made." - Patti Sue Plumer
            WohooO! Big grin Good work! Are you addicted to this running stuff now? Wink

            "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


            Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

            Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

              Great job! What's next?
                Yay! Big grin

                Call me Ray (not Ishmael)