Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


Okay, who's in for the holidays! (Read 300 times)

    Got in runs on both Tuesday and Wednesday, each about 27 min.  It's a little warmer this week, but the weather folks have said we have a possibility for a white Christmas!  We haven't had that here since a dusting in 1947!Shocked  I know you guys up north are jealous of that little fact.


    I'm going to run both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then I'll be gone on hiking trip for the next little while.  Y'all carry on without me! Big grin

    Michele in NC


      Whoa, running every day!


      Enjoy that dusting.


      I ran inside today. OHR W4D1. Next run is 29 minutes (meh), then 34! Here we go!

        Ooooo, a 34 min run, I'm jealous! Way to go, obie!


        I'm beginning to think of what I'll do after the couch to 5K.  I need to start planning!

        Michele in NC


          27 min run in the cold this morning.  Looking forward to bumping that up to 30 min on my return from my trip.  Making progress, albeit SLOW progress Wink

          Michele in NC


            OK, y'all aren't slacking off on me, are you?  Just got back from the snowy Smoky Mountains of NC. was fun, until it warmed up!  Then, when snow camping became slush camping, I came home!


            What are the rest of you up to?  Obie, eyedocguy, wingz?


            Ran in shorts today, it was a muggy 60F.  Got in a 2 miler/32 min, my longest run yet.  I also joined the 1000 mile club.  I've never run that much before, but I'm pretty motivated this year to get in shape and lose some weight that I've gained while not running.


            I'll start the OHR program next week, yay for graduating the c25k!Big grin

            Michele in NC


              Wow, Michele! Welcome to OHR.


              I haven't had a run since the 23rd. Struggling over here, but really trying to get my head on straight. I know running would help! And I just joined the 1000km group, so that should be motivating.

                C'mon, obie, you KNOW that you'll feel better after running. 


                I imagine it's pretty hard to be motivated, living up north, where the days are so short this time of year.  My younger sis used to live in upstate Vermont, and had trouble with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) while she lived there.  I guess she was there about 10 years.  She had to get a light to stay on top of things, better than meds I guess (I have to take meds for clinical depression).  I hope you feel better soon, obie!


                Rest day for me today.

                Michele in NC




                  Yup, SAD and the need for a med check. Going in to the doc on Wednesday.


                  Took everything I had, but I went out for a run today.


                  Did you start OHR yet? It's a funny anticlimactic program with those weeks of 30 minute runs...

                    Obie, sounds like the doc is a good idea.  Need to rule out other things that can cause these problems as well (like thyroid, for example).  Glad you got out there and ran, despite the fact that you certainly didn't feel like it.


                    Got in a 2 miler this morning in 29 pace us getting just a smidgen faster, so I didn't make my 30 min goal this morning.  I'll have to extend my run another block if it is too short tomorrow as well.


                    First day back at work, ugh!

                    Michele in NC


                      Yeppers, run was a minute short today as well.  It's kinda nice, being a little speedier...and I mean VERY little.  2 mi/29min this morning, will repeat tomorrow.

                      Michele in NC


                        So Michele, you're running by distance i/o time? Never done that.


                        Ran on ye olde indoor track again today. Somehow I thought it was supposed to be 34 minutes but it was supposed to be 35. Oh well. I did 34. It felt like a drag, but I did it!

                          Obie, good for you to get out there and get a run in, despite feeling low.  In answer to your question, I am going to run by time until I finish the OHR program, but I run in town so it's easy to keep count of my mileage by counting blocks, which equal 0.1 mi each.  My current goal time is 30 min, but I've been short of that all week at 29 min.  By the way, I chickened out of my run this morning and slept in, boo!  It was drizzling a little, but warmer, so I should have gone.  I'll run tomorrow, though, my normal day off.

                          Michele in NC


                            OK, another 29 min run this morning, 2 miler.  It was a warm 31F this morning, but calling for a bit of snow in the south tonight.  Will repeat this run tomorrow, as long as I'm not sore.  My shins were bothering me just slightly Wednesday, but it may have been due to working on the hard floors at work, not running, as they haven't bothered me running and the soreness was gone overnight.  I've never had shin splints, and I guess I still haven't! Smile

                            Michele in NC


                              Got in 30 min this morning by increasing my mileage to 2.2 mi.  It's nice that I'm getting a "little faster".  Snow flurries and wind started after my run, so I'm glad that I got it in when I did.  Repeat this run tomorrow.

                              Michele in NC


                                I did NOT want to run today, but somehow I forced myself out the door at the last minute.  Got in 2.2 mi/30 min, a little faster the last couple of days, maybe due to later runs in the day.  OHR week 2 begins Tuesday, after tomorrow's rest day.

                                Michele in NC