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Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

    So I've been back and forth with running lately, not making enough time to get out on the road. When I don't exercise I get stressed, cranky and irritated. I developed this entire work out calender and over achevier me planned out my exercise routine until the end of the year! If all goes to plan I should be able to run a half by mid January 2009! SO... it all depends on how well I do with my C25K, I finished it almost a year ago and then I stopped running in December of last year, ran a few times a month. So naturally I try to pick it back up and here I am again, trying to get through C25K again. Well I skipped a few weeks and started on week 3 I think? I've been having trouble getting past week 5 20 min run. So last night I'm running W5D2 which is 8 min runs with 5 min recovery. I do the first 8 minutes, other than my arch in my right hurting (I was wearing flats with no support to much lately so I knew why it hurt) I felt great. I was bored after the first 2.5 minutes of my recovery... I wanted to run again so after 5 minutes I ran for another 8 minutes, but at about 7.5 there was a downhill coming up so I figured, well I'll run down the hill. Then it was flat, then another slightly down hill and then flat again. In total I ran my second set for 15 minutes!!!! I recovered for 5 mins and then ran another 3.5 to my front door! I felt GREAT after my run, I haven't felt this great since november of last year! So now I KNOW I will be able to run 20 minutes when I go out for W5D3 and I can keep my schedule on track! Big grin
    2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!
      You'll be able to get through the program no problem now and your body will remember how great it feels to do those longer runs! Congratulations Big grin

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        Great job, Jennicap. I'm curious about the jump from the end of C25K to a half marathon. Seems like a big one, although you said you've done C25k before, so maybe this is just a "tune-up" for you.

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        Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

          yeah I was running 4-5 miles and building this time last year... stopped running in December and January and then slowly picked it back up. My schedule has me completing C25K shortly then I'll go on to OHR and then a half marathon training from there, right now I'm running a 11 mm but I'll bring it down to 9-10ish in a month or so (my natural "happy" speed). So when I end OHR I'll be running roughly 6 miles on my long run so another couple of months training to add a few more miles isn't much. It all depends how my body does it but it should be fine, of course I would completely change my schedule if it's too much. Just like having the goals out there to look at and get through the bad runs by thinking of them!
          2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!
            Sounds great! Congrats Big grin BUT you shouldn't get too hard on yourself if something sneaks up on you. I'm sort of like you in the scheduling department. I'm just learning that things can be re-scheduled if "life" happens.

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