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did anyone run the Turkey Trot? (Read 113 times)


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    Just wondering how other people felt about the grand finish.


    I liked them changing the start times and routes for the 5k & 8k but having everyone merge together for the finish was a bit out of control.


    the medal was cool though


    turkey trot

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      What was grand about the finish? I usually run, if I'm in town, but this year we decided to do a family run instead and save the $30/pop

        I ran the 8k for the fourth year in a row. I liked the old finish better when you just ran straight up the street and ended by Bojangles. I heard somebody else complaining about the finish line this year but I didn't really pay a lot of attention to it... I was just glad to see the finish line no matter where it was. I didn't even notice that we merged with the 5k runners. The medal was a nice addition this year, but as always, they were skimpy with the food after the race.

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            I ran it also, but didn't realize we finished with the 5k runners.  I saw the email sent to the runners apologizing and wondered what happened.  I liked finishing there better than running up hill like the old route. Hope they fix the problem.  The medal was great this year.  I was telling some of the Charlotte Running Company staff they needed to get that medal desinger to redesign the RaceFest medal.  heh  They laughed also, and admitted the RF medal is cheesy.


            Richard, if you're a vegan now, you should like bananas and oranges only!  I think that's what they had but I missed that entirely.  I did get the bottle of water though.



              Richard, if you're a vegan now, you should like bananas and oranges only!  I think that's what they had but I missed that entirely.  I did get the bottle of water though.


              Hey Lynwood... I didn't realize you ran the Turkey Trot this year... I just looked up your results... you almost caught me! Looks like you're running well. You'll catch me before long I'm sure, but I'd like to hold off the inevitable for as long as possible.


              You're right that I should have been thrilled with bananas and oranges if I was a vegan, but they didn't actually come up with any bananas, and that was two weeks ago... I've only been a vegan for a couple days. Proud to report I didn't ingest any animal products today... and I'm feeling pretty good -- best I've felt in a week or two. 

                Richard, glad you're back by the way!  I ran right behind you through the first mile and off to the side.  Didn't realize it was you for awhile.  I must have passed you for a little while, as I remember seeing you pass me in mile 3 or 4 when we started climbing a little. You looked like you were accelerating, and I didn't have that gear.  I still can't race well on hills.  Well, I guess they weren't hills, but its not flat either. I had planned on finding you at the finish but never saw you again.


                never runs the tangents

                  I noticed the merger because I saw the people ahead on Colony and thought it was odd because we should have been getting near the end. Then I clued in that the people on Colony were running towards us so we all merged onto Roxboro. I think that's the name of the road. I think of it as the cut through to the mall.


                  I didn't get this email, but then I didn't get the race instruction email either but DH did. I did get the one saying that the pictures were out there so maybe I have something going on with my email filters.

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