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    Good morning all. Happy belated birthday Dave. Good runs to all.
      Good Morning Mr. I!! Hope things are calming down a bit!!Big grin

        Hello everyone I need to run today don't know when it will happen. It's super freezing here today... Smile Wind chill is 0? WTH? I have a limit and i'm fairly sure that 10 degrees ABOVE 0 is it. Erika, again, you're the woman for running in those temps. So, I will hit the dreadmill later today. Hills maybe?


          Good morning, All. Weekly mileage tally shows Jeremy and Erika peaking for Disney and Kimmie starting to hit peak mileage as well for Myrtle Beach. I had my best mileage since my last race and am looking forward to a strong week of mileage since I won't be working much this week. Hope everyone is almost done with their holiday shopping. Like many guys I'll be out in a panic later this week. jhallum 70.4 Mi dcv2002 61.2 Mi evanflein 53.8 Mi pace2race 52.7 Mi Kimmie 45.6 Mi dgb2n 36.6 Mi Mr Inertia 34.3 Mi ShanHas 22.7 Mi Bugs34 22.3 Mi run48 12.7 Mi turboterie1 11 Mi HankAchieve 10 Mi HuskerB 9 Mi Dutchie42 6.9 Mi aes* 6.2 Mi
          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

          Hail to The Victors!

            Erika-- Heck Yeah! It's taper time! 61-65 miles this week, 40 something next week, and then it's home free! Just have to get through the next 3 days. They are talking more snow here tomorrow and sleet, freezing rain, and rain on Wednesday. After that the weather clears a bit, and there might be a warming trend! Holy cow!
              Where's Brian been?? Are we having a baby yet? ugh I still have shopping to do!! I just need 2 restaurant GC and a movies GC and a little something for DH.
                Im going to the Orange Bowl!!!! Booked flights, bought tickets. All set..
                  Im going to the Orange Bowl!!!! Booked flights, bought tickets. All set..

                  Hail to The Victors!

                    Im going to the Orange Bowl!!!! Booked flights, bought tickets. All set..
                    Wow! Have a great time!
                      Jeremy, I was so looking forward to taper cuz my last runs this weekend were tired and hard. But then I see I have 10 days left in the year... and 75 miles to go to hit 2,000 for the year! So, now I'm thinking I'd just be really mad if I miss it by 15 miles or so. I'll be at the gym tonight while DS2 is at basketball practice. Was planning on just pool running, maybe some weights, typical Monday XT stuff. But now I'm thinking I should run a few... Argh. Thanks so much to MrI for starting the week off! And yes... I still have some shopping to do. I know what I need to get, just haven't done it yet.


                        Erika, 2000 is just a number. A really cool number but just a number Big grin I wouldn't put your marathon at risk. Tapering down to 60 miles a week Jeremy? I peaked at 60 miles. One week. Tongue Have fun at the Orange Bowl, Murph. That should be a great time. Just under 4 easy miles outside today. I'm off tomorrow but will be looking after 4 kids (2 mine and 2 neighbors) so my wife our neighbor can go to a funeral. 47 years old. Woke up with a headache that turned into a massive stroke and she never regained consciousness. 2 kids. Good reminder to live every day.
                        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

                          Looking forward to running a few tonight, after 2 weeks off. Will be inside at the Y. It is cold. And since Im now an old man dont want to risk a heart attack. Plugged in my 10k time in the Mcmillan calculator, and it puts my 1/2 marathon at 1:58:43. And my goal marathon time of 3:59:59 gives an equivalent 1/2 marathon time of 1:53:47. So, my goal for National Marathon will be somewhere in there.

                          Cause I CAN

                            Hey group...just wanted to say I wont be coming here anymore...please have a great Christmas and a beautiful new year. Thank you for all the support you've given me and great advice. if anyone wants to contact me, email is Thank you
                            Liver Transplant - July 2, 1991
                              See Murphy we can totally do this!!!!!! Big grin Dave - darn you!!! haha 1 miles for me - legs are tired - not hurt not bad just a little tired. So this week will be easy.
                                Peach.... Stay. Post more often. Dont let one disagreement/misunderstanding/whatever the heck happened in the other thread keep you away. We enjoy your presence and you are an inspiration to us. Shan--we can definately do it. I have no doubt. I just need to run between now and then, and run a lot.