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Going Private (Read 158 times)

    Team Blister will be going private beginning tomorrow. This will be a password protected group, which will hopefully allow for some of us to share more freely if we so desire.


    If you would like the password please send me a message.


    This is NOT an attempt to limit the people who want to share or lurk, so please feel free to invite new people and those of you lurking please continue. We enjoy your quiet companionship!!


      the title of this thread makes me giggle... I am not mature...

      HobbyJogger & HobbyRacer

        Svelte, but, not mature...

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        HobbyJogger & HobbyRacer

          It's locked.


          I left (to test it), and had to use the password to rejoin, just now.

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

          Happy Camper

            I did not need a password to post here.

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              so maybe current residents got to stay but new residents and lurkers won't be able to see it?

              HobbyJogger & HobbyRacer

                Yes, the password protection is for joining -- not for posting if you've already joined.

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                  So are we kicking out all lurkers?


                    i got the password. cool with me. If there are any of our current members that were an issue, we can remove them.

                      I don't see a need to kick out lurkers.


                      I had problems with Candice and Schneider over the summer and while I would hope that they are no longer paying any attention to me I would like to ensure that the only thing they can see is my log - they are not hearing about anything else going on in my life - both personal and running. They aired out some very personal information about me on RA. It was bad enough she spent a couple days constantly sending nasty text messages and emails but to then leak it onto RA crossed a line with me.


                      so that is the brief story on why I asked it to be locked down. I really think that it's no longer an issue and they are no longer paying attention to me, but the whole thing has left me jaded.


                      MTA: this is why I took a hiatus for a couple of weeks in the summer - it was a whole RA hiatus because I needed to get away from the site. You guys are my biggest reason for coming back!!!

                      On the road back

                        JF - sorry to hear about the trouble.  I only stick my toe into The Swamp every now and then - that place seems brutal.  Don't know if that's where it happened, but there are some strange people in that place.

                        I also didn't need the password to post here.  Probably for the same reason as Bryan - it's bookmarked.

                        Rest day for me.  Lots of coding and phone calls on the agenda.

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                          I set it to totally private so you have to be a member to even see what we're posting. Current members, if they are logged in, can probably still do it but if they log out they'll need to ask for the password. I put that they had to ask me, but I sure hope I can remember it.... Glad to help in any way we can, Shannon. Life is too short to fret about meddling bitches.
                            Shannon. Life is too short to fret about meddling bitches.

                             WIll you marry me? (I don't think you've ever cursed in here before and I have to admit it made me giggle)