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Dry Hopping Bud Light (Read 23 times)

Prince of Fatness



    Makes me wonder.  If I brew up a cream ale I could probably do something like this right at bottling time.  It'd be a 2 - 3 week dry hop, so maybe use a little less hops.


      Interesting. So how many different hops will you try?


      Taint of Steel

        Hmm, very interesting indeed!

        Prince of Fatness

          So how many different hops will you try?


          Not sure.  I doubt if I will ever do what this guy did.  The minimum purchase amount for hops is an ounce.  I can't see myself buying 10 ounces of hops just for this experiment.


          What I could do though, is try them as I buy them.  Maybe just a couple bottles at a time.  That may be worth doing.  I have a base pale ale recipe that I use to try out hops.  Each time I brew it I use a single, different hop.  So I am doing something similar to this already.


            I need to read up more on the different hops. Drinking a Sweet Water IPA and really like the hop aroma and taste. They used a Columbus and Golding, I've used neither. My one and only IPA was brewed with Simcoe, big fan of the Caldera. It'll fun to experiment with different hops.