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Just tapped a Keg-O-Brew (Read 149 times)

    Belgian Blond Ale, and it is tasty, and strong. Light in color and body, low flocculating yeast strain(doesn't settle out), so it is a bit cloudy like a hefeweizen. Light fruity banana and clove esters, 7.5% ABV., highly carbonated. All in all an outstanding beer.

    Needs more cowbell!

      Ohhh...that sounds tasty! A very warm weather sounding brew. Does this mean Spring is coming!? Big grin

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        Spring, heh. 48 F here is Salt Lake today. Spring is practically here already. As for a warm weather beer, not so much. Try quenching a hot summer thirst by knocking back three or four of thees. I like to think of it as a winter warmer.