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  • 2012 HCS Next Step Marathon Group 2Private group

    2012 HCS Next Step Marathon Group 2

  • 2012 HCS Next Step Marathon Group 8Private group

    2012 HCS Next Step Marathon Group 8

  • 2014 Hibernation to 5kPrivate group

    Hibernation to 5k Training Group.

  • 4 Legs, 1 HeartPrivate group

    J&A Training

  • 50-100-kampanjen

    50-100-kampanjen är en godiskampanj. Den går ut på att för var 50:e sprungen kilometer får deltagaren äta 100 gram godis.

  • ACT RunningPrivate group

    Welcome to the ACT Running team!

  • Aethalia TraithlonPrivate group

    Aethalia Triathlon

  • Atlantic Athletic Club

    A group for members of the Atlantic Athletic Club

  • Aweigh-We-GoPrivate group

    We are a cross over group from the Cool Running collapse. Our members are international and we love to talk . . . talk about diet, excercise, running and everything in betweeen. We are more than just weight loss. We are each other's pals for support, social, running, weight loss, everything all in one! But we welcome new people with open arms!

  • Back of The Packers

    Runners who follow the penguin philosophy

  • BallardVale Running Club

    Local runners from the BallardVale section of Andover, MA

  • ballz

    Ballz to the pavement.

  • BAMFPrivate group

    we switch everyday

  • BEN Running ClubPrivate group

    BEN uses RunningAHEAD to allow members to log their workouts. BEN Running Club was created by a group of Chinese running enthusiasts in the Greater Boston area. Some of us train hard for races of distances anywhere from a mile to 100 miles. Others simply enjoy daily conversational runs with fellow endorphin addicts.

  • Binghamton University Running Club

    The BURC Honeybadgers needed a running log site... and despite contrary beliefs, honey badger does care. My Anaconda don't want none unless you run Bunn, hun. Join and get some weekly encouragement, and learn how to keep a freakin running log the right way.

  • BMW MCPrivate group

    Running Club for associates and family members at BMW MC

  • Bridge the Gap 2015Private group

    Winter conditioning group for high school, middle distance, & long distance runners in Loudoun County.

  • Burlington Area Running ClubPrivate group

    Burlington Area Running Club

  • BURNPrivate group

    This running group is created specificly for the Bay Area running group - BURN

  • Carolina Crawlers Private group

    Running club for pokies...