Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


IHBR. DYT. (Read 277 times)


Nashville Dog Runner

    I have buyer's remorse. Damn you, Trent.


    A Dance with Monkeys

      Not like you are gonna.


      Nashville Dog Runner



        Lazy idiot

          You think you have buyer's remorse now, wait until race day.


          Crap... I'm screwed.

          Tick tock

            PWP=Personal Worst Park?? Pride Withering Park??


            Why go for a PR when you can just go for a PW at PWP?


            My taper starts soon. I'm getting filled with a sense of fear and dread. I hear that there's beer afterward. That's something though.

            I don't half-ass anything


            "I have several close friends who have run marathons, a word that is actually derived from two Swahili words: mara, which means 'to die a horrible death' and thon, which means 'for a stupid T-shirt.' Look it up." - Celia Rivenbark, You Can't Drink All Day if You Don't Start in the Morning


            And in the end...

              I could 1) DNS... that would be genius... or 2) DNF... that would be smart... or 3) FTFT... that would be... foolish.


              The GITM is moot.