Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


8th Annual Harpeth Hills Monkey Marathon in the books (Read 59 times)


    I forgot how to link in RA, but I'm sure you guys can figure it out:





    Two galleries are featured. Camera 1:  Early race pics but mainly the Finish Line photos.


    Camera 2:  Pictures taken in the park.  I took about 2,000 pics, because I wanted everyone to have a nice shot ... and I was scared I would miss someone, so that's why I was all over the place.  Took a long time to edit the stinkers and multiples.  Sorry for that.


    Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving and/or Hanukah everyone!







      You're awesome Elly.


      Had to buy a couple of these for the scrap books. Too cool.

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        Thanks Elly for braving the elements and getting tons of great pictures.  There's even one where I don't look retarded/maimed by monkeys.

          Yes, many a thank you for braving the chill to document the idiocy.

          I don't know who this is, but I like his style.


          MTA:  y u no wear the cape?  You could have jumped higher with a cape.  Allegedly.

          In it for the long run..

            Elly is awesome, but I look like a bag lady with all my stuff on.

            "It's not who wins the workout..."


              Well, Karen, I can do a lot..but not a miracle.


              Cool Jump Suit

                Awesome pics Elly!!

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                Both wrong and right, our memories. 
                The whispering before we sleep,
                Just one more thing that you can't keep.

                Our favorite place we used to go,
                The warm embrace that no one knows.
                The lovin' look that's left your eyes,
                But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise.

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                  Thank you, Elly!