Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Film evidence (Read 41 times)

    Film evidence of the skeletal flying monkeys.




    Slowr than Speedn Turtle

      That is so funny. Big grin

      A Dance with Monkeys



        Not so funny.

        Hoodoo Guru

          My vote goes for "Not so Funny."

          The tangents are moot.




            Speaking of not funny, there is once again a large dead deer out in Monkey Start field.



            A Dance with Monkeys

              I know, right? Didn't we do that already, like back in year 2? It is a warning. Those monkeys. Egad.

              And in the end...

                In love with your stumps
                In love with the bleeding
                In love with the pain
                That you will feel
                As you became a carcass


                The GITM is moot.

                   It is a warning. Those monkeys. Egad.




                  With any luck, as before, there will be barely a ribcage left by Monkey morning.