Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Film evidence (Read 41 times)

    Film evidence of the skeletal flying monkeys.




    Slowr than Speedn Turtle

      That is so funny. Big grin

      The Year of the Monkey



        Not so funny.

        Hoodoo Guru

          My vote goes for "Not so Funny."

          The tangents are moot.




            Speaking of not funny, there is once again a large dead deer out in Monkey Start field.



            The Year of the Monkey

              I know, right? Didn't we do that already, like back in year 2? It is a warning. Those monkeys. Egad.

              And in the end...

                In love with your stumps
                In love with the bleeding
                In love with the pain
                That you will feel
                As you became a carcass


                The GITM is moot.

                   It is a warning. Those monkeys. Egad.




                  With any luck, as before, there will be barely a ribcage left by Monkey morning.