Low HR Training


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    My goal isn't to be a great sub-MAF runner, but the best racer I can be.I find that higher HR runs are a must do after an 8-16 week period of pure MAF aerobic base training. Paces at all heart rate improve dramatically just after a few LT runs or race pace runs. I have yet to experiment with ignoring the "pure aerobic base period" idea and incorporating one high-HR run on a weekly basis, with 90% of miles bellow MAF (for maybe a year). Mainly because the pure base period seems to work so well for me, and I'm a bit afraid to mess with a good thing right now. Especially in this current one, as my body is responding well, and staying healthy. Just for the mental aspects, high HR runs are essential before race season. That first LT run after many months of sub MAF paces is a wake-up call. You can feel how part of your legs is a bit "asleep." When the HR gets up to 87-90% MHR, it's hard, like you've been out to sea for a long time, and your land legs just aren't there yet. If you wait until the first race (or even the goal race) race to run fast for the first time, you find out you waited too long. I agree with Maffetone that it isn''t necessary to do the 5k pace intervals to stimulate the speed fibers. The LT runs do it for me at this point. Though I like to Fartlek on occasion (just play around with different speeds, no set time or distances or speed, just play). And of course, after a few hard run races, it's more about resting them, than stimulating. My wife gave me two new pairs of Raceready shorts tonight! I have a weeks worth now. Love the pockets. And the "inner" shorts support and hug my main brain so much better than the other shorts I have. Keep going! --Jimmy

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