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    Hey All!  Just wanted to throw out some recent personal experience.  I decided around Thanksgiving that I was going to run every day during the month of December (as a triathlete the most I usually do is four times per week).  I'm using a 3 Short, 2 Medium, 1 Long, 1 T-Run plan where the Medium runs are twice as long as the Short and the Long runs are 3X as long as the short.  My T-Run is at least 3 miles but can be longer if I feel like it.  So for instance, this week was/is:


    Mon = 4, Tue = 8, Wed = 4, Thu = 8, Fri = 4, Sat = 3, Sun = 12;  Total = 43


    This is a great way to get in your weekly mileage and can work for any distance (i.e. your short runs can be 2 mi if you want).  I started at 3-6-3-6-3-3-9 (33) and increased a little every week.


    I've found it to be fun in that I look forward to my runs and even if I'm feeling a little lazy, I can't put off today's run until tomorrow because I have to get out there every day.  I'm pleased with the improvements over the past 28 days (I actually started on 11/29 because it was Monday).  Not necessarily recommending it to anyone but if you've been thinking about a way to increase your mileage, I enjoyed this method.


      Sounds like fun. What kind of improvements in the first month?


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        I went from 4 days /20 miles to 6 days /40 miles over a 2 year period. The gradual increase appears not to have hurt. I did do a 40-50% cut back on the 4th week. 2010 goal- 1500 miles. Should hit 1700& change this year. Goal for 2011- 2000 miles/ 40 miles a week. 5- 6 days. Small dozes and slow miles. Maff Maniac.Big grin

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          I've had just one day off in the last month - because I felt a bit of a twinge in a muscle so I wanted to rest it.


          Generally I run every day, but some days are very easy. In fact at the moment most runs are rather easy pace-wise; although some are quite long. But I do plan to add a few faster runs starting in a couple of weeks.


            Sounds like fun. What kind of improvements in the first month?



            Pace:  ~20 sec/mi faster at the same HR

            Weight:  4-5 lbs lighter...went through a week or so where I got heavier...I think it was due to adding muscle.

            RPE:  Even though I'm a little faster, it seems easier.  12 mi run yesterday was easier than the 10 miler two weeks ago.

            Sleep:  Better!


            Happy New Year everyone!

              I like the idea about getting out there to run as often as possible.


              I was doing 5 days over the summer and fall. second half of the fall, I switched to 6 when decreasing intensity (but total number of runs was more than 6). now it seems I can do 6 at some higher intensities too! which totally surprises me! Surprised but I like it! Smile


              the last time I did 6 was in the spring when I was doing pure MAF phase.


              (before spring, 5 at 30mpw at moderate intensity was too much! as I was a beginner - I felt comfortable at 4, 20mpw)


              I'm ending my first complete running year at 1500miles Smile (it would be more but the first 2 months were low mileage as I was getting used to mileages higher than 20mpw)