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Welcome to fall (Read 63 times)

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    Weather's nicer, but runs are now finishing in the dark. Within a few weeks, they'll start in the dark as well.

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      I run at 8 am, so I don't have to worry about the dark!  My friend and I started at Stone's this morning.  Ran to the high school and back, then had breakfast.   My favorite workout routine.

        I love this early fall feeling! Hope it stick around.


        Cooler weather means i can start taking the dog for longer runs, and not worry too much in the afternoons whens it warmer that he didn't get his excercise in for the day.  


        Hope everyone's training is coming along nicely!


          We got an Australian shepherd puppy who's five months old now.  I can't wait until next spring when I can take him on runs.  I imagine he will be pulling me along!